Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spin the Bottle: When Do We Get Another Duggar Wedding?

This one is a conspiracy theory, because no one actually knows the answer and all we can do is guess. But of course that's what makes it so fun. First off, who do you think who's first--John David or Jana? And who do you think they are marrying? A Bates? But what about the Wilsons? The Wilsons have kids too!

Of course they also venture to a lot of ATI conferences and weekends that never get filmed and I do believe there are teen weekends as well that the girls go to. You have to wonder if they have "mixers" where they get to meet each other. Is there an ATI matchmaking service? I'll admit that my husband and I met through a matchmaker, but that's quite an oldschool Jewish custom that few people use anymore....

Do you think that Josie's premature birth pushed back an engagement announcment for Jana? Afterall you can't really announce your engagement when your baby sister is clinging to life in the NICU.

I have a feeling, personally, that we'll see Jana go before John-David. John-David is way too shy. And if Jana goes first I think it will be a Bates. Why else do the two families who live so far apart spend so much time together--unless TLC wants to do something with the Bates family. The Bates are coming to visit soon, will we hear something?


  1. I agree -- I think the next to marry will be Jana, and one of those handsome Bates boys.

  2. I also think Jana will marry next. Might be a young dude we don't even know. Both twins appear to be very shy. I think they could use a little more time to grow up more. Then again if they fall for that "special" one, who am I to say wait a little longer.

  3. When Josh got engaged and they were all standing around watching the video of him "popping the question" ...Michelle off-handedly said something like "Jana is next, then John-David..." like she was going in birth order (since Jana is a minute or 2 older) ....but i think it's important to point out that i've never heard any of the girls or anyone mention on the show that they were in any kind of hurry to get married--even when they were doing the wedding prep for Josh, and you'd think that would be the time they'd talk about it--you know get all girly about "i want my wedding to be this and i want my wedding to be that" but we didn't hear anything like that...or anything wedding-like at all come from any of the girls, other than their feelings about courtship vs. dating...

    so for the record, it's not like they've said they're in a's just the romantic in me, and Jana has turned into such a beauty!

  4. Actually the girls, I believe in was Jana and Jill did say that they wanted to be "courted" and the whole business just like Anna was. They found it very romantic. I just watched that episode recently.

    It would make sense if Jana were waiting to make a big announcement like that. She is such a lovely girl as well as very capable. The picture of her holding Josie was priceless. Obviously both of those girls are getting very attached to their littlest sister.

    Coming from a somewhat similar although less rigid and less restricted background, I would say the kids have many opportunities to interact of like faith. The position the Duggars are in also gives their kids even more opportunities as they are so high profile and so visible. Getting the kids to the ATI convention or the Vision Forum is probably considered just as important a part of parenting as anything else they do for their kids. Anyway, that's my take on the situation. Millie

  5. Yes I mentioned that the girls said they wanted courtship over dating...but that's all they said...I found that interesting...being teen girls I would have thought it natural being around all that wedding stuff that they'd have just started talking about what THEY would want for THEIR weddings SOMEDAY....but they didn't...or if they did it never made it on the show...I mean isn't that something girls just naturally do when they help plan and prepare for a friend's or family wedding? Yet all we got was "I want courtship" ...I just thought it was interesting.

    Of course I should also say that we really didn't get much of the bride's input on wedding plans either--since her church was so gracious as to help her and Josh. They just got to go down and look through a bunch of books, see samples and point at things. Anna did kind of look like a deer caught in headlights there for awhile--almost like "ummm what do I choose?" But I honestly think it was because she was too kind to take their generosity, not because she couldn't make up her mind. I really do think she was so nice, she was too shy to say "I want that, I want that, I want that."

  6. Yes the girls did say something about wanting to be courted, and the only thing I saw about the wedding planning was Jill trying on the veil and looked "dreamy eyes" but I bet some of that stuff was editied. I am sure they talk about what they want for their weddings and when Josh & Anna got married I think it was Jim Bob who says "girls dream about having their husbands sing to them on their wedding day" so I don't know, just a thought. But I think it will be Jana first because it looks like John-David is still trying to get his business up and going!

  7. Having just watched the Duggar and Bates in Little Rock episode I reckon Jana is definately thinking and praying about things. I would say that apart from not wanting to announce anything they probably wouldn't be advised to make any big decisions whilst dealing with an uncertain future. They have loads of time and I seem to remember that Josh took plenty of time to ask to court Anna.
    Also if one of the Duggar girls go into the Bates family they would be essentially leaving the Duggar household. I wouldn't be wanting to do that until Josie was safe and well at home - something that could take sometime.
    But if you watch that episode there are definate blushes going on...

  8. I think that John-David and Erin Bates are a match made in heaven. In several episodes I have seen the cameras switch back and forth between John-David and Erin, especially the Big Sandy Texas one. A hint, maybe? OR, maybe one of the duggar kids will get married and NOT tell anyone! They could seek a "private" marriage, unlike Michelle and Jim Bob or Josh and Anna. It could be that the child still films shows with the duggar family, but keeps the marriage hush hush for the sake of privacy. Just a thought...

  9. I seriously doubt that Jana will get married before John David, quiet personality or not. John David is allowed to live apart from the family and run his business, while Jana is at home running the house, homeschooling the kids and raising them in her parents absence. When Josie comes home they will need Jana even more to help out and raise the kids for Michelle.

    I also wonder if beyond the Bates the Duggars might have trouble finding partners for their kids who are okay being filmed for a TV show. I am not sure I'd want my life to be filmed for entertainment, especially giving birth. (My heart goes out to Anna for that one)