Saturday, April 10, 2010

Growing up Duggar: Puberty, Hormones, Braces, and Zits on Camera

The funny thing about growing up on television is that the whole world gets to see the good the bad and the ugly. And the really funny thing about growing up Fundamentalist Christian on television is people that disagree with your family's beliefs get to blame your hormones and moods for you being at odds with what's going on with your family.

All of a sudden the talk is of Jana and Jinger. Jana is depressed and Jinger is cranky. We didn't see Jana in very many episodes for awhile and Jinger used to be all bubbly and cute when she was a pre-teen and now that she's in her mid-teens she's more subdued. But of course the detractors don't blame her age and hormones they immediately latch on to the fact that she must be bored and ready to bolt at any moment and just wants to be done with her entire family's lifestyle.

I'll throw one more thing out there. Production of this show takes time. It's been noted that they can do takes over and over--getting out of cars again and again. Standing around to film something more than once. Waiting in line to do the interview portions. And you wonder why every once in awhile in a 30 minute TV show you get a film clip of a teenager looking bored??

I also clearly remember one show where they had to get up early and Michelle was sneaking out of the girl's room and wouldn't let the camera go in because the girls weren't ready. And she made it clear "you know how girls are if their hair isn't just so." That right there is probably another reason why some of the older girls avoid camera shots on certain days--OR TIMES OF THE MONTH?? Seriously, would you want to be front and center on camera with a giant zit on your face?

There are so many obvious things going on in life that Duggar-detractors avoid looking at--it would be nice if they'd realize they are a real family with normal issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with their religion.


  1. Sorry friend, if you are gonna do Reality TV...then it should be REALITY! Yes, I respect folks are going to have bad days. So let them. If I saw all smiles all the time it would get kind of boring. I'm guessing there are days they just don't want to be bothered with the camera and that's good because it proves no one is making them do it. When I see a face turn from the camera or not focus, then that's a hint to us all that they are not feeling it right now. I like seeing hugs, kisses, frowns, tantrums, giggles, boredom,and even a hint of PMS. I just like HONEST emotions. You said yourself they are a REAL family with normal issues. Don't think everyone is realizing that they are actually being REAL. :)

  2. I agree. I guess people want to believe that they are 100% happy and bubbly all of the time, and want to think that they are miserable because of their religion and so on. I have similar beliefs and while I am happy most of the time, I have my bad days, I'm human! (Not to mention having a camera constantly in your face can't be particularly fun. ... That is just added pressure.) And people change over time, ESPECIALLY in their teen/young adult years, and to do that on camera must be hard. I just think people are digging for something to say, they just want to speculate and gossip. This family is very blessed and I believe people would not have a negative thing to say if they met them and spent a day in their shoes.

    (reposted just for you!)

  3. It amazes me how the anti-Duggars analyze every minute of film of these people and assume that each moment of boredom must mean something sinister...why can't they just assume that these kids are just normal kids? because that would mean they'd have to actually like them for a moment and not be anti-Duggar....

  4. True boredom has nothing to do with religon I know this for a fact.I read it take several hours just to get a good shot of them getting in and out of a car. I heard the same about the Gosselins. The twins want to hurry off the stage oncw before the interview is over. the kids grow tired of beign dragged here and ther fo interviews. Its not realy being anti-Duggar to the family personally but the beliefs are open to question. If th eparetns want ot foloow the beliefs that is fine. Most of us hope the Duggar kids find a less rigid form of Christianity one day.

  5. "Most of us hope the Duggar kids find a less rigid form of Christianity one day."

    Why on earth is that any of your business?? Why should you be concerning yourself with someone else's religious beliefs, especially when you haven't met them personally...just because you see them on TV doesn't mean you know them.

  6. And those of us who live a similar lifestyle as the Duggars don't see it as 'rigid' at all, to us we are just obeying what we feel God has told us to do. It is a JOY to serve the Lord with gladness, and to try to stay away from the worldly things. It doesn't feel 'rigid' when you aren't just obeying 'rules' but trying to be holy as He is holy.

    I think sometimes the kids just don't want to be on the camera, and it seems that their parents accept that. Sounds logical (and loving) to me.

    Mrs P

  7. Jimbob turns off musical toys to keep kids from bobbing there heads. One fo the little boys mentioned "rock music makes you dance" and Joy anna didnt now what an actor was. The older kids rolled hteir eyes at the dancing at the Ethiopian restaurant. I also saw the look on their faces when the kids on the public school epsiode done a little dance. I htoguht Michelle waspolite about it and started to clap lol I listened to rock music, watched and suffered no ill effects. And I also attended church regularly. Rules are one thing but extremes are another. Even if I disagreed with dancing I wouldnt show it in public. When you try to educate peopl about beliefs they think you are a Duggar hater I think the Duggars are nice people who just got misguided a bit.