Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Duggars Parenting Called into Question: MSNBC Article Gone Horribly Wrong:

I opened up todays MSN to get email and there was an "article" titled something like "What the Duggars are Doing Wrong." Of course that's where I went first. As you read through the article, you will find that the writer never actually interviews the family, never meets the family, never talks to anyone who knows the family, or speaks to anyone with TLC. What does the author do? She (i believe it's a she) goes to their website, watches a few shows, and reads some recent articles about them and writes an opinion based on how she feels they probably parent their children.

And then it gets published on a web site for the entire world to see. On the plus-side, if you read the comments, most of them are from people who see through the author's bias and lack of proper research. Seriously, how do you call yourself an honest journalist and report on a family you don't even interview? At best call yourself a.....blogger!!!

I can accept people who actually observe the family and THEN complain about their parenting. But this person quoted their website and complained about their parenting. Seriously?? And anyone who's anyone knows that website hasn't even been updated recently. I think the last time I went there they were acknowledging the grandbaby's birth.


  1. Who is this person? Where can I find this article? What was her motive in discussing the Duggars in the first place? I agree, that their website isn't updated so how is she doing her research?

  2. I went to MSN homepage and it was a featured article...now it's been cylced off and don't know where it is or how to find it...it was "mom and pop culture" so maybe it is a blog...but i'm guessing it was due to all the latest news about Josie so she (or he but i'm sure it was a he) felt that she needed to chime in her 2 cents...it's interesting that she talked about how they scheduled time with their kids "once a week" and found that appalling...when we all know they spend more time with their kids than that--that is just special time in addition...it's like she'd just heard of this family and went online to research them and wrote about them for a deadline...she (or he) sounded completely out of touch writing about them...

  3. I didn't read the article but saw references to it on Michelle's blog on TLC and people were pretty upset about the raunchy comments. I personally believe that many of the negative comments are inspired by the tone taken by the media articles and blogs - they seem to invite them. Also, even TLC's sites aren't monitored well. THe site which is supposedly for well wishers to offer encouragement has been taken over by trolls and is now one big fight. This happened once before and I finally got the attention of the moderators and they closed it down for a month but as soon as it came back up they are back. They can't allow true fans and well wishers one spot without profaning it.

    On the 19 kids and counting fan site someone has posted a picture of the duggars with a sign superimposed in large letters, VAGINA and below it "a clown car". This sort of thing should be monitored by TLC who sponsers the site, a facebook page but it has been there for months. It is demeaning not only to Michelle, buy in my opinion to all women.

    OK, enough with the ranting for the day. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Millie

  4. http://tv.msn.com/mom-pop-culture/what-the-duggars-are-doing-wrong/story/feature/

    Ask and I provide.