Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Duggars: Let's Find the Positives Today!

It's the last day of Pesach and Nicole gave me a great idea (thank you Nicole!) Today we're going to focus on the positives we see in the Duggar family. So even if you're already "pro-Duggar" or if you're a "non-Duggar" try to see in them some of the good today.

For me, personally, I have given you a list of what I disagree with on them (not being Christian for example) but if you want that list you can ready "What this blog is all about." But today I'm going to tell you why good I see in them. And point out that absolutely no one anywhere has the perfect family and challenge you to think how your family would rate given a film crew invasion to your private world.

I see a great deal of organization where there could be nothing but utter chaos. Even with 17 kids living at home and many of them young and energetic boys, the Duggar machine seems to run forward with school work getting done, meals getting prepared, eaten, and cleaned up, housework getting done, and laundry washed and folded. They seem to know where things belong and how to put them away. Oh if only my 3 year old could learn that "clean up" was more than a song we learned!

I see a great deal of marital love. When I see the look on Jim Bob's face when he looks at his wife, it's not the look of ownership, or the look of a man who wants to create some master race, it's the look of a man who is still head over heels, puppydog IN LOVE with his wife--something I only hope for when my marriage hits the 25 year mark. And when Michelle looks at him it's as if she's in another world. That is devotion and a healthy loving marriage that gave them 19 kids, not some religious belief.

Marital love builds a loving home. Their kids love each other and honestly care about each other. The boys and girls look up to their older siblings and for that I do feel pangs of jealousy--my sister is 10 yrs older and so when she left for college when I was 8 I pretty much never saw her again and now as adults, we aren't even friends. These siblings will be close for life and the sisters will definately rely on each other for advice and a shoulder to lean on for all of their days. The boys will always know they will have big brothers to look to in Josh and John-David when ever they need a helping hand with something. I don't believe it's because the siblings "raised each other" I believe it's because this family raised a close and loving bunch of children to respect each other, care for each other, and more importantly, KNOW each other. I really do wish that I KNEW my sister--I'll always love and care about her, but I'll never really know her.

They are amazing when it comes to money. Some call it luck, Jim Bob says he doesn't believe in luck. But if you read their book, they call it prayer. I call it good timing at least. However you want to chalk it up, they made some amazing real estate investments that paid off fantastically and enabled them to move ahead with building their house and invest even more. They know how to buy used and resell at the retail level on things he gets at auction (industrial type items) and they are great when it comes to the thrift store on 1/2 price day! I'd say agreeing to do the TLC show was a pretty good idea as well. It hasn't seemed to do their moral and theological core any damage (except maybe Josh's ego--ok one negative slipped out) and I'm sure it'll build a nice financial cushion for them when it's over, as you know they aren't spending it as it comes in. I'm sure when the rainy day comes that they are saving for, they'll be able to build an ark big enough for all of them and more!

And they have no problem in TEACHING others how to do what they do, sharing information is another wonderful thing. They teach how they did what they did making it seem like we could do what they've done, if we're willing to work as hard as they did. They do and did work hard for their income. And they also have shown us how to be more frugal at the grocery store--I'd love to teach them how to be even more frugal!

They are kind. They go out of their way not to make negative comments about others, even when you can see they are trying to find ways not to when asked questions in interviews. That is why some of Jim Bob's answers sound vague--he's trying not to say a negative word about others--a Christ-like quality he's passing on to his children.

They are teaching their children to be kind. While kids will always be kids and you see a skirmish break out here and there. Kind words are spoken more often than not. They are polite to strangers they meet and speak to them and answer their questions, even though it's usually the same thing over and over, they do it politely as if it's the first time they've ever heard "aren't you that family with 100 kids on tv?" or "are all those kids yours" and "how big is your food bill?" and lets not forget "don't you get tired of doing all that laundry?" They are sweet kids.

They are giving people who teach their kids to give back as well. They volunteer for all kinds of local and international charitable events. They go to El Salvador regularly and spend their own money to do it, bringing gifts to the kids, buying food and clothes for the families, and helping to build and repair homes. They participate in the fun runs, they speak up in political situations they deem important--participating in the process of government which we all need to do regardless of our political views, they go as green as they can to help the environment, and they are always willing to invite people into their worship service, lend a hand to a friend in need, or donate whatever they can when they can.

Let's make the last day of Passover a positive one--share with us your "Duggar Positives"!!


  1. Jimbob donated their bus to a fmaily who will be using it for mission work.. I thad some problems and Jim bob wouldnt sell it that way Evne if one cant go to El Salvador plenty of fmailies are in need here in the US. For example, a friend on chat is looking for crochet squares to make afghans for those who cant buy much in her area.I got them done but havent sent them lol.Want to make couple of more. Its nice howo they include Amy though she differs from them somewhat. What is your view of Amy? Anyhow, I like pickles, shop thriftily, and cant stand getting up early so I cant call them out on those. Why does everyone make such fuss over them shopping goodwill? People from all walks of life shop there.

  2. I think cousin Amy is great...I think she's Michelle back when Michelle was in school, but maybe a "newer model" hahaha...she's family and the Duggars love family...remember the visit to Michelle's family reunion? None of her family is as "orthodox" as they are yet the Duggars went anyway. Family is family and I think it's great they accept that and acknowledge that not everyone in their family worships and lives as they do, but they still love them and honour them just the same without judgement.

    Besides, if anyone is going to influence those girls to a "dark side" as most non-Duggar people want them to head, it'll be Amy--she's still a Christian and leads a Christian life, just not as Fundamental as the Duggars do. hahaha

    I hadn't heard anyone make a fuss about them shopping at Goodwill--now it's more that they don't believe they do--too many namebrands are being seen to believe they shop thrif stores anymore! hahaha

  3. Name brands show up in thrift stores all the time. And no one should be criticizing that point- after all, the greenest products are the ones that already exist!

  4. What I admire the most is the closeness the family shares. They really look out for each other. Wish I could start all over and live a debt free life. But I would have to keep my Sears charge. Can't live without my Sears charge. Ha ha!

  5. They are giving their children morals, whcih is a very positive thing as it builds character. I am sure they are aware of the dissenters but they are learning that not everyoen will agree with your beliefs and that it's OK to think differently. I have learned a lot from them although I do not agree with their religious POV. I homeschool my children , we have removed braodcast TV from the home(we watch vidoes or use the Net), we but a lot more thigns used and frankly the clothes are usually better quality(name brands yes many are in thrift stores) I have seen many name brand articles with tags still on in the SA store! I have realized that in order to feel good about oneself you have to look inwards and not use outward judgements about yourself.