Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Number 20 on the Way? or Duggar Diet Gone Wrong?

Already the rumours are going that Michelle is already pregnant. Afterall the 80 days have passed and so she could be as far along as 6 weeks. A few bloggers were saying she looked a bit thick around the middle--is she alrady pregnant? I doubt it.

Remember how much milk she's been producing non-stop for Josie? She has to keep fueling her body to produce all of that. So instead of sticking to her usual post-baby weight watchers plan, she's increasing her fluids and protein. While she may not be gaining any weight, she certainly hasn't had a chance to lose any of her pregnancy pounds yet.

She also mentioned a few episodes ago that Jim Bob was back to his usual stress eating--gaining back a lot of the weight he lost from his recent foray into weight watchers. I wouldn't doubt that Michelle has probably joined him in some stress eating as well. Who of us wouldn't? Add to that the strange home, the inconvenient kitchen meaning they are probably eating quickie meals that aren't as healthy as they could be. And most people don't think they eat healthy to begin with.

Frankly I think she just hasn't lost the baby weight and is packing on some extra with the stress and emotion and the need to add calories for the milk production.


  1. Would you count your 80 days from the day the baby was born or in the example of a premie from the due date?
    If you were worried about your milk supply going if you did get pregnant again would you choose the due date....
    I've got no idea but I know that Michelle will be doing what she can to make good milk for Josie. Also possibly any extra inches may actually be the results of full nursing bra (never as supportive as you'd like).

  2. I just want to know one thing.... Why are they staring that hard at Michelle to SEE if she's pregnant or not???? and frankly with Michelle's body type you aren't going to be able to tell she's pregnant till she is 6 months or more. They announce it LONG before then.

  3. I don't think she's pregnant and with Michelle's beliefs she and JimBob wait 66 days after the birth of a girl to have intercourse so I would assume that means the Birth not the Due Date, but to be honest with you I doubt they are doing that.. she's way to busy pumping every 4 hours. But I remember when Michelle and JimBob renewed their wedding vows Michelle was pregnant and had said that she shows early, very early so I don't think you would have to wait 6 months, but again I don't think she's pregnant!!

  4. I do not think they are pregnant, I have a feeling that they might be avoiding activities like that for a time to allow Michelle to heal. Jim Bob does love her and he I am sure wants to have his wife heal and get a chance to get her strength up before they risk another pregnancy.

    I gained a huge amount of wieght after my daughter was born at 24 weeks. I ate a high fat diet to make my milk rich and the stress of having a sick child made me want comfort food more often. That and not being active like I was with those long hours of sitting beside her as she slept made a ugly mix. We can't forget about cortisol too it plays a big role in "thick middles" age also can play a role.


  5. Just for the record, it's 80 days biblically that they wait after the birth of a girl, to have relations once again. You did bring up a good point about the pumping--it's not the same thing as nursing a baby in the privacy of their own bedroom as they are used to doing. She has to get up and go downstairs, or wherever that machine is.

    Also, they haven't shown us where Michelle and Jim Bob are sleeping. At home they have their little love nest, but in Little Rock I'm wondering what kind of privacy they might have?

    We also have to wonder what kind of intamate life they have in times of stress--as they've never faced anything like this before. Face it, for the past 10-15 years, their life has been pretty darn skippy. This is the first time they've faced something really "in-their-face" frightening. I doubt love-making is the first thing that's going to come to their minds to soothe their pain. Granted some people do turn to that, but judging from their body language in the recent episodes, I don't think so.

    Michelle is focused solely on Josie and milk production and Jim Bob seems focused on keeping the other kids minds occupied and keeping them from going stir-crazy in the rental house. They aren't the "love-struck" couple they usually are. I doubt they are in any kind of marital trouble, but I also doubt they are doing it like bunnies either. My guess is that they fall into bed at night with a kiss and a cuddle and pass out exhausted.

  6. It's 40 days after a boy and, and 80 days after a girl.

    Lev 12:2 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean.
    Lev 12:3 And in the eighth day the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised.
    Lev 12:4 And she shall then continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days; she shall touch no hallowed thing, nor come into the sanctuary, until the days of her purifying be fulfilled.
    (7 + 33 = 40days total)

    Lev 12:5 But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.
    (14 + 66 = 80 days total)

    For some reason people keep wanting to take off the first parts...

  7. Cyn: Thanks for including that Bible quote. I kept wondering but was too lazy to look it up!

    I don't think Michelle is pregnant yet again either. I think that Jim Bob might put the brakes on this time because he knows he nearly lost his wife. I suspect they would have been counseled to space another child further apart to lessen the chance of problems as that was possibly part of the problem with the last pregnancy. Instead on the usual almost a year and a half it was only a year and 3 months between pregnancies.

    I suspect they probably will allow another pregnancy to happen after a certain waiting time because that belief is very ingrained. I can relate to Michelle because I came to somewhat the same conclusion myself about certain types of BC causing miscarriages or preventing implantation. For me by the time I reached the conclusion I had enough damage from an infection caused by an IUD and never got pregnant again, but I didn't try to prevent it.

    Many women with the belief system keep getting pregnant up into their late forties so Michelle could conceivably have mayb three more pregnancies. Millie

  8. Oops, Thank you for correcting me, Yes for some reason I did forget about the first part. :)
    Good point about the sleeping situation, I doubt they have very much privacy and with Michelle getting up and going downstairs every 4 hours to pump I doubt she is getting much sleep! I don't know how she does it, she's like Super Mom in my opinion. And JimBob is like Super Dad, accually they are Super Family, all of them seem to step up and help out when they need to! JimBob is watching over Michelle, Grandma and the Older girls are keeping up with the younger ones, Some of the boys have stayed home to take care of that and even the younger one's seem to have adjusted well to the changes!!

  9. I still don't believe they "plan" any of their kids...I'm still of the belief that they are just head-over-heels, puppydog IN LOVE with each other (anyone with eyes can see it) and they have an active healthy love life---THAT is why they have 19 kids...they obviously also have healthy reproductive systems.

    I don't think they look at a calendar, other than if they follow the other old testament rule that Chassidic Jews follow (if they follow the 80 day rule they might also follow it, she hasn't said or at least i don't remember) there are certain days before and after a cycle that men don't touch their Judaism they literally don't touch them--they sleep in seperate beds and don't even give them hugs or touch skin or anything...but the Duggars may just leave it to no sex...that is if they follow that passage in the Bible

    My guess is right now sex is the last thing on their minds...cuddles and snuggles maybe, but they look pretty exhausted and worn out to me.

  10. They follow all the rules to a degree, not as far as ya'll do. But she's mentioned it before that they follow a lot of the biblical laws for sex simply because they make SENSE but not because they HAVE to.

    They didn't want to be seen as 'law keepers', but at the same time some of the laws just make a lot of sense LOL and this one is just one of em. And the one for menses too...

    Btw the bible verses are why half my posts get kicked on the other one ROFL.... cause I KNOW why the Duggars believe what they do, and can show you chapter and verse.... but it often come out 'preachy' instead of 'informative'.

    IF no one minds I'll keep sticking them in, but understand I'm NOT preaching just showing where the Duggars got this that or the other belief.

  11. Yes absolutely keep up the good work Cyn!! :) And for the record, I don't keep to the Chassidic practices hahaha we're merely Orthodox, not that my Rebbitzen isn't doing her best to convert me over, afterall I am now wearing only skirts and dresses and covering my hair....

    The biblical laws are quite nice if you look at them the way the Duggars respecting her body--and they see it as a passionate coming together once they do again. With Jews it's even more so, because they don't even touch each other--they have to communicate completely without touching during those times of the month until after she's cleansed herself in the Mikva (a special bath.) So yes, in many ways they make sense--for your body, for your marriage...

  12. It is my understanding that some of the Jewish laws were health laws, such as rules about when they could or couldn't have sex and some were ceremonial laws such as the sacrificial system. I would think some were both such as circumcision. I wish the other forum hadn't refused your posts with biblical comments because I for one would have been very interested.

    As for planning pregnancies, from what I have read on QF sites many of them do try very hard to continue getting pregnant, but many just let it happen according to God's will. I always thought the "legend" about the chart on the refrigerator was one of those things someone speculated on and then in the way of the internet it became "fact" and if you try to argue against it, it is said that TLC removed that scene. I personally doubt it was ever there in the first place. Millie

  13. Sharla loved the posts themselves, but she has to cater to a larger audience and I could see where some might take it preachy. So I would get it ALL out of my system bible verses and all, the re write them for actual posting minus the verses and rhetoric.

    As for the calendar it's part fact and part myth which is why it just won't DIE a painful death like the other nasty rumors.

    Fact: Michelle said on the Today show "The Girls watch my calendar like a hawk" in answer to a question as to how she surprised them, and she couldn't figure out how they hadn't guessed already. Which leaves me to believe they aren't actually watching it that closely or anywhere near as close as was being speculated about.

    Myth: The calendar hung on the kitchen fridge, and TLC edited out the shot later when it become a problem.

  14. That's a myth I hadn't heard about--other than the "watch it like a hawk" comment...I'd heard that...

    One of the reasons I started this blog was to let people have their full say in the comments and not filter them out--unless they are just plain out nasty far I've only rejected 2 and that was on the "Duggar Positive" because I specifically said on that one to only post positive comments...

    I also didn't want to focus on each individual episode, but rather topics that come up from the episodes and the family that people END UP talking about and going "off topic" about.

    I tried writing a "guest topic" for Sharla but was ignored :( so here I am with my own blog hehehe hopefully getting it off the ground...not nearly the following she has, obviously, but we're growing!!

  15. LOL I show up every few days and see what new posts are up, go right down the row replying to some, and then forget about the boards for a few days and come back.

    I spent months and months on youtube with the video's; on some I went on for miles in the comment sections LOL. I've heard and debunked 90% of the myths.... it's also why I can usually find the video for what ever comment some one is talking about and post it.

    I gotta little fixated so to speak (wink) and did boatloads of research, and of course I grew up around families like the Bates. And I quite admittedly am a fan of the Duggars and the CONCEPTS they portray, but I'm also just as quick to point out when the Duggars do something DINGY too, or when they contradict themselves.

  16. I just pointed out that the girls have a room of their own ....they were complaining that the boys have an AV room and the girls didn't have anything....they have a sewing room! hehehe topic!