Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Duggar Danger Zones: Let's Play "What If?"

Ok this one is completely for fun....we're going to play "what if" in what if a Duggar child did any of the following and how do you think the Duggar family would respond?

1) Came out as gay--do you think they'd have the nerve to even come out at all? Would they instead remain single and be what was once a "confirmed bachelor" or just a single missionary working in a far off country? ....I have a theory about 2 of the Duggar children myself...and odds are that at least 2 of them will be how do you the Jim Bob and Michelle would handle that conversation?

2) Married outside their faith--they do travel out of the country, a few have said they want to be missionaries when they grow up, so what if one does become a missionary and marries someone from another country, for example, who isn't a Christian...or what if they meet someone through the TLC crew--a son or daughter of the crew--who happens to be Jewish or Hindu or something? Or maybe a Duggar child does go off to college and meets someone of another faith and they decide to get elope? Imagine that conversation?

3) Opted for a secular life of fame--one of the kids decides they like life in front of the camera and want a life in television--even as a preacher...but maybe on the Broadway stage!

4) Decided to wear pants and be more like cousin day one of the girls comes downstairs for breakfast in jeans and a t-shirt and announces she's moving in with Cousin Amy and going to be the keyboard player for her band

5) Announced an out of wedlock of the boys knocks up a girl? One of the girls gets knocked up? Afterall, they were/are very pro-Sarah Palin and it happened in her family...

Ok so these are all hypotheticals....but what do you think Jim Bob and Michelle would do...they have always professed such love and devotion to their family, always spoken of Christ-like would they act, how would they respond, in situations like these? Any ideas? Kind of fun to imagine isn't it? I'll give you my thoughts after you all play around with it for awhile.....


  1. How would any parent react to any of those senarios. I personally don't think that any of those kids are going to be gay - if they found that they weren't attracted to opposite sex then they would probably remain single.
    And with any of these things - it's ok to really not like the situation but still be able to love your child. The least of these are probably if a girl decided she wanted to wear trousers - I don't think she'd have to leave the house. Michelle and Jim Bob have said that they encourage their older children to think about their personal convictions. But I just can't see any of it happening - none of those children seem to rebel against their family. Teens don't have to, you know.

  2. Of course none of us can answer for sure what anyone would do if their children did something they dissaprove of. So, these are my guesses, nothing more.

    1. But as far as being gay ... I can't really guess at that one. I believe Michelle's sister is gay and I assume they still love her. But dissaprove of her lifestyle.

    2. No guesses on this one. Sorry. I'm sure they would prefer they marry someone with a very similar faith.

    I thinik #1 and #2 would create pretty strong reactions. But, I think the last 3 would create less havoc in the Duggar camp.

    3. I honestly believe as long as they were blatently denying what the Dugagrs believe and stand for that they would support their kids decisions. However, I don't know where they would draw the line as far as roles to play / costumes to wear etc.

    4. I think Jim Bob has said before in an interview that when they get older pants and modesty is something each of them will have to work out for themselves. So, I kinda of took that to mean while they are under his roof they follow his rules - but he understands that they may make other choices when they leave home. Amy is a Christian also, so I don't think they would think this was the end of life as they know it if one of the kids acted more like Amy.

    5. I'm pretty sure they would be dissapointed. However, Jim Bob's sister had Amy prior to being married and Jim Bob frequently talks about how much he loves his sister and they clearly love Amy as well. While they wouldn't agree with the child's choices that led to the situation, I believe they would still love them unconditionally.

  3. Ha! I can see the comments now I just realized I meant to include #5 with 1 and 2. Again, I'm guessing ... but I'm pretty sure that would be a big deal. (Actually for most parents, not just the Dugagrs)

  4. 1) Came out as gay-- (snipped for space) odds are that at least 2 of them will be how do you the Jim Bob and Michelle would handle that conversation?

    I'm going to get slammed for this one but oh well....

    I don't think ANY of the Duggars will be gay as I happen to think it's a CHOICE not something you are BORN with. The Duggars have been brought up believing sex out side of marriage is a SIN, having sex with the same sex is a SIN. None of them is going to chose this so there would be no conversation about it with the parents.

    BEFORE any one gets all pissy with me I do need to state the following FACTS. My baby brother and the family FAVORITE is Gay, we love him anyway, but he knows having sex with a man is a sin, it's just the sin he's decided he can live with. We don't preach at him, shun him, or ignore his partner. We luvs his partner actually. My sister in law is gay and the same applies to her as well. (or would if we saw them more often; they live in another state).

    Being nice to a fellow human being, and treating them with respect has nothing to do with it being a SIN or not.

    I didn't write the RULE BOOK. Nor did I claim to understand WHY its wrong. It simply is what it is, and GOD will sort it out when we get up there. But the rules on this one is real clear, as are all the sexual sins.

    Here's the neat thing about God though.... HE doesn't think one sin is worse than another one... Sin is Sin then end, I'm not going to go pull the mote out of my brothers eye while I ignore the BOARD in mine.

  5. 2) Married outside their faith--

    Isn't going to happen and here's why. The girls LIKE the idea of courting, the boys who knows, but I'm betting the like the idea as well. Formal courting settles all these issues BEFORE the wedding. They sit down as a couple and with older couples and they discuss all these things very frankly. When it's done correctly it's not unlike a Jewish wedding contract.

    They discuss family, children, finances, sex (not the ACTUAL deed but issues around it), who will work, how long will the woman work, (do NOT take that the wrong way). Religion would play the biggest part, and would have to be agreed on by both boy and girl before it could go any farther. The basics tenants at least.

    They treat marriage as a holy contract, they aren't going to enter it lightly or off the cuff.

    Just for those that want the bible verses the Duggars would draw from ;)

    2Cr 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

    Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

  6. Marybeth.... Should I stop while I'm ahead or keep going LOL.

  7. Cyn....this one is all for fun afterall it's "what if" hehehe you're supposed to play with play with it!!! have some fun!!!

    and YOU my friend are always welcome to post any ol' thing you want to here :) my blog is your blog :)

  8. Cyn "I'm going to get slammed for this one but oh well...."
    You won't get slammed by everyone - I agree and admire the way you put it.

  9. Y'all are supposed to be having fun with this, not take it so seriously :) Camp it up!!!

  10. OK I'm SO VERY late on this post. Been trying to catch up for days. I agree with Chris in saying it would be tough on any parent to find out their child is gay. But I'm certain the Duggars would love that child the same. The chances of a gay Duggar "coming out" are very unlikely. The whole world knows them and they are already put in a class of highly "conservative" people. That just would be TOO MUCH pressure. Yes, I too believe they would just stay single and do something that would camouflage the truth.

    Really don't believe they will marry outside their faith. I wonder how often they interact with Christians from other ethnic backgrounds. I've seen an Asian family at many of their gatherings but, that's it. The girls sound commented to courtship. But, I have to wonder if Josh had decided to date, would they do the same. Are they doing it because he did it? When we say outside their we mean "not Christian" or do we mean a more "main stream" Christian. Well there are some (M. S.) who believe in courtship. Anna would be called more main stream because she was allowed to listen to other types of music and watch movies and yet some how she crossed Josh's path.

    My co-worker is Native American and she met her husband in Chile where they both were missionaries. He is Korean. People asked them what would they call their children. She said they would be "human beings" and that they planned to raise them to be Christians. I wonder if the Duggars would look past the color of a Christian if the love is there.

    Cyn, I too have gay relatives and friends. One has actually been with his partner longer than my parents were married. I stopped trying to understand it a long time ago. Still love them all the same. And thank you for saying that God doesn't think one sin is worse than another sin. I've been wondering my whole life...just how strict will he be..?

  11. Ok this was supposed to be fun and you were supposed to play pretend, but no one did and I can't figure out why. No, probably even if 2 of the kids are gay (and statistically speaking at least 2 will be) they probably will either deny it and stay single or hide it and marry anyway.

    I am a believer that you are born gay. I won't argue with those that believe differently, we'll just agree to disagree. I interpret those passages differently and nowhere do the words "no gay marriage" appear in either the Torah and Bible appear--you can interpret them however you want, but the word marriage doesn't appear there. But that's off topic. My guess is that if one of the Duggar kids actually does come out and admit to being gay, they will either try to send them to one of those reeducation camps or just treat him/her as they normally do, but pretend they aren't and smile and nod. Afterall as Cyn said, one of Michelle's sisters is gay and they accept her.

    As for marrying out of their faith, I meant if they meet a nice Jewish boy or girl, a nice Hindi boy/girl....someone not Christian. I'm sure the family would try to convert the person to their faith. I was thinking of the tv show "7th Heaven" when the oldest son of the preacher married a Jewish girl who was the daughter of a Rabbi.

    Now seriously, can't you see Josiah on the Broadway stage????

    C'mon....have some fun with this...stop taking it so was supposed to be fun!!!

  12. Afterall as Cyn said, one of Michelle's sisters is gay and they accept her.

    MY sister-in-law is gay, I have NO idea about Michelle's family that was on the other place I think.

    I can't see Josiah on a Broadway stage, building rockets on his back 40 yes.... (think rocket man).

    BUT I see Johannah as a stunt woman. That child REFUSES to learn what gravity is, and... that she's a girl. ROFL

    (I swear my mother wore out "Nice girls don't hit little boys, even when they are brothers and deserve it" ROFL)

  13. Sorry Cyn...did i miscredit you? I thought you said that. Apologies! It was Autumn who wrote it!

    Josiah is just the performer when it comes to the interviews...some of the other kids just sit and answer questions but i can totally see Josiah learning lines and performing--he has great facial expressions and his parents say he's the comedian who's always entertaining. I think he'd be great as a performer.

    I once got in "trouble" for hitting a neighbour boy...his mother brought him down to our house to tell on me, show my mom his wounds--i honestly don't even remember doing it--but my mom apologised and said i'd be punished. And then i wasn't, afterall, he was a boy and i was a girl!

  14. Hey I thought we all were ALREADY having fun. The discussion did get a little deep! I agree that the majority of most homosexuals are born this way. I have heard of a few who chose the same sex because of a rape issue or they were molested as a child.

    The Duggars have been taught that being gay is a I doubt anyone would have the guts to "come out" for a LONG time. Maybe never.

    Josiah's voice has not dropped yet. Joseph is SO quiet and I was shocked at how deep his voice is. Josiah's going to famous. I can feel it!

    There are mixed marriages all over the world. I'm sure it's not always easy, but they make it work because they LOVE each other. I think this is a beautiful thing! I really don't think the Duggars are open to marrying someone of another religion. I don't want to sound mean...but I think they might be "sheltering" their kids from other beliefs. I don't have any proof, which is why I said "I think".

  15. i could see maybe jinger or joy anna being the ones to perhaps not maryr outside the faith but maybe someone who is not anglo american. :-) oh maybe jessa. she has a bit of the same spunk amy has (just usually quieter about it). though i will say jess is one of the first i could see in pants... and joyanna and jinger too. those three. lol

    josiah... i could see as a performer definitely. possibly even one of the suspiciious single missionaries never marrying.

    i have a feeling one or two kids will possibly be less conservative than their parents but... it happens. i dont think the duggars will let it affect the way they treat them though. hate the sin, love the sinner.

  16. I have to wonder what would happen if one of the son's came home from El Salvador with an El Salvadorian wife. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings here, but Jim Bob and Michelle are very very southern...maybe I'm just a crazy northerner and playing stereotypes here, but I don't know that a mixed marriage would go well with those two. And I'm speaking as someone who's Rabbi no longer considers you Jewish if you marry outside your faith--so believe me, I get it!

    I definately see gay in at least 2 of those kids--I don't know why but I was blessed with pretty good gaydar--but probably 3. It's possible 1 of them is still in a tomboy stage and 1 is still in a snarly teenager stage, but I think either or both could be lesbians. As for the boy, he'll either be the unmarried traveling missionary or wind up on the Broadway stage.

    There was some talk about the two boys being left at home alone while the rest of the family was in Little Rock. That's when you started to wonder how well the upbringing took. Was John-David a good boy? Or was Joseph left there to be his chaperone? Were they worried he might try his hand at dating? Afterall they are quite well known and I'm sure there are several girls, especially now that they are on TV, who know that they could be the next "Anna" if they could sink their claws into John-David. So what if we had an "oops" pregnancy announced? Like I said, they love themselves some Sarah Palin and it happened to her family, also in a small town, so really it could happen to anyone. Would they shut the show down and end the fame train? Or would they admit the shame and face it head on? I almost think they'd shut it down and hide the shame from the cameras. Of course it would hit the media, but I don't think we'd see it on the show--I don't think Jim Bob would want shame filmed for the world to see.

    As for the secular life...I don't think they much mind what their kids do once they are grown and out of the house, as long as they are happy and healthy and following their hearts. I think they would hope their kids would still be following the teachings of Christ, but the addage is true--you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. They might not all take to heart and to such degree their religious upbringing. And their parents have repeatedly said that they weren't expecting their kids to have nearly as many kids as they've had--they want them to pursue their own dreams.

  17. LOL just to be a butt here's an OLDER adage, and one from the Old Testament.

    Pro 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    Couldn't resist sorry.

  18. hahaha I quoted that one in the homeschooling post...i think or tried to....i also used it on the DWoP as to why they aren't going to put their kids in public or private school--homeschool for them is deeply rooted in their faith, not just a random decision they made...

    We Jews opt for that one too :) that's why all Chassidic boys become Rabbis, whether they are practicing Rabbis as adults, they usually have other jobs, they are still technically Rabbis....

    ...only we refer to it as the Haftorah :)

  19. I'm gonna jump in here and say NOT ALL kids stick to "the way they should go". It's not always the parent's fault. Parents can raise, feed, cloth, and love ALL their kids the same...and someone still might end up in jail or just an ordinary bum around the corner. There are plenty who "depart" from their beliefs. Of course I have to be fair to those who just decide to live differently from the ways they were brought up with. I bet Josh is watching just a little more TV than he is use to.

    I've seen only 1 Asian family at their gatherings and in their book. Really don't "think" they would be open to interracial marriage. I'm talking about the kids not the parents. Haven't seen enough interaction with "other" peers. I heard on another blog that the girls actually have friends who wear pants and are a little more main stream. Sadly we might not see much of them because not everyone is cool with being on TV.

  20. This just came to me in the shower and I thought I would share it...
    The Duggars would be like the Dad in the prodigal son parable. His son wanted to leave and the Father let him, but when the son returned there was great celebration. No condemnation but open arms.
    If any of those Duggars wanted to 'leave' whether actually going out from the home or not, I believe that they would look at this passage and not stop them, sure they may not encourage it but they wouldn't stand in the way and the son or daughter would always be welcomed.
    I'm perhaps not explaining this very well but pain levels are soaring and the computer is now no longer my friend :(