Monday, April 26, 2010

Duggar Episodes I'd Like to See Part II

Here's a continuing list of episodes I'd love to see the Duggars involved in, some more comical and now some more serious...

1) Seeing the girls in intership programs--like undercover boss, undercover Duggar--send them in to see what it's like being a midwife, a chef, a beautician

2) Here at a local airport, with just a California driver's license and a single lesson, you can start flying a specific kind of sport plane. I'd love to see the Duggar boy who was interested in piloting a plane take flying lessons--seriously, not just riding in a helicopter.

3) I do want to see a crazy excuse to go visit the Bates so we can see the house! And watch Jana blush some more!

4) I'd love to see them visit some serious gardeners....and learn about home gardening---they have the space and they have the manpower--it isn't that expensive---my mom does it all on her own and she's 75 and cans and freezes and eats and gives away fresh a TON of vegetables every year from her summer garden...we all eat like kings from her bounty...and that's just one woman's hobby garden...they could, produce their own food if they'd learn how. It's not as expensive as some will lead you to think. And canning jars/rings are reusable.

5) A day in the life of Josh and Anna...the good the bad and the annoying! I know we've seen a little here and a litle there--but more than Josh getting up late and Josh at the car lot---what do they really do?

6) While we're at it a day in the life of Amy--spend the day with the girls--a girls day out...really make it annoying! Let crazy cousin Amy take the girls out for a day of "corruption" cousin Amy style.

I had to add another one after reading someone's comment:

7) an updated "Ask the Duggars" ...ask the kids NOW "What do you want to be when you grow up?" that it's been 4 years since the 1 hour special that we heard what they wanted to be...let's hear NOW what they want to be and stop the speculation!

What other ridiculous things can you come up with....ok some serious ones too?


  1. We definately need to see how the Bates family's house is coming along - perhaps those older Duggar lads go back for a visit to 'help out' or perhaps there's an interview with Kelly and Gil - how they felt seeing Josie, or even a Bates Q&A.
    On the ridiculous side perhaps tlc runs a competition to meet and spend time with the Duggar family...
    We could have a show where Michelle shares more of her organisational techniques or more of her child rearing techniques - perhaps looking at some of those questions that came up and rather than just answering them in Q&A showing what and how they do things.
    It would be great to see the girls as a group and boys as a group do a variety of different jobs - ones they've expressed an interest in.

  2. The Bates house is going to take years to finish. They are finishing it as they get money. If you notice in the last Bates visit when they were leaving their house the kids were playing in sawdust, and that was in February.

    LOL the only reason the Duggar house is done is because TLC did it (on the rooms they were going to film) otherwise the Duggar kids would still be playing in sawdust too.

  3. I have to admit to enjoying the Bates family and would like to see them on the show more often. They remind me of the Duggar family before the TLC show became popular.

    My favorite idea would be a serious topic regarding what the children (who graduated at 16) have been doing to further their education and/or create create separate and individual lives of their own.

  4. Okay, here's a silly idea!

    I've never seen it, but I've heard about a show called wife swap.

    What if Michelle had to spend a week with Jon Gosselin, and take care of THOSE eight kids.

    Meanwhile, Kate would be stuck with JB, and house FULL of kids.

  5. I still think it would be cool if the older kids got to visit other families from other denominations. Does anyone think Jana would survive it on "The Real World".? She won't be the 1st Christian to be on the show.

    Why do they just go to El Salvador? Mexico is much closer. Wonder will they ever visit Africa or Asia for a mission trip? Well, it's great to know they already have servant hearts no matter where they go.

  6. I definately like the idea of "cross-over" episodes...the "Say yes to the dress" was a little lame--especially since it was pointed out the Kleinfelds was used to supplying dresses to Chassidic Jews (known for their modesty hello!) so the whole thing about finding a modest dress was ridiculous....however I'd love to see them on "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?" because it is little known that Jeff Foxworthy is a very good Southern Baptist that goes to church every Sunday--they could take turns for a whole week--since they are home schooled the kids could take turns being "5th graders" and the others could take turns being the contestants and their winnings could go to charity.....I don't watch other reality shows, except for "Top Chef" (my actual favourite show) but I'd love to see them come cook for the Duggars, although they'd seriously have to tone down the language! hahaha

    I do see Cyn's point that sending them as a family to a foreign country would smack of entitlement--but I stil would love to see them in Israel--so send the older girls/boys to a Kibbutz to pick fruits and vegetables! They youngers ones wouldn't understand what they were seeing anyway.

    I'd love to see them invited by Chabad to celebrate a Jewish holiday--there has to be a Chabad of Little Rock.

  7. MaryBeth are you sure you've never seen, "The Real World"? That's what started the whole Reality TV craze. Back then MTV actually played music videos.

    Hey, Cinco De Mayo is coming up soon! Bet they have never been to a block party! :)

  8. I don't watch much television, but LOVE the idea of the, "Are you smarter than a fifth grader." Best (funny) idea, so far!

    In a more serious manner, I'd enjoy watching them explore other faiths. I'd like for them to understand the Jewish faith and attempt to live with a Jewish family for a while. I wonder (doubt) that even the oldest children could attempt to discuss their religious faith with an open mind, or in words that did any more than parrot their parents beliefs.