Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Happens Now?

A great deal has happened since I last posted to this blog. The biggest thing is that I'm no longer a Duggar fan. That interest has waned and I'm actually quite disgusted with the whole family. I find Josh Duggar's new job in DC to be appalling. Now that he has a job with a hate group, frankly I think their show needs to be pulled from the airwaves. On screen they are loving and caring and full of smiles. Behind the scenes they support hate and anti-woman legislation, decry science, and teach their children that they aren't good enough. Probably the biggest thing that's happened with me is that I've become an atheist. I am still very Jewish--you don't stop being Asian if you decide to be an atheist, any more than you stop being a Jew. I just do not buy into the whole god thing. Frankly I'd rather be responsible for my own successes and failures. Why and how? Well I've found that after I gave up believing, nothing changed. Prayer didn't help, lack of prayer didn't change. It's about doing and being. I find it very repugnant to tell a gifted musician that has practiced 20 years that the talent is a gift from god. No the talent was 20 years of dedicated practice, devotion, love of the instrument, and plain and simple hard work. And that is just the beginning. Josh Duggar is a vile and loathsome human being. His twitter feed is full of hypocrisy and a clear display of what a lack of education does for the world. The world is moving forward. The Duggars will become much like the Amish, in that they may continue their way of life for generations to come, but they will cease to have any affect on the real world around them. Gay marriage will one day soon be the law of the land. Choice and women's health care rights will continue to stand. Science will continue to advance. The world will move forward with out them, leaving them and their kind behind in the dust.