Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cousin Amy: Arkansas' Answer to Paris Hilton?

I'll admit I have no idea what the point of cousin Amy is. Other than she's family and lives up the road a piece, why is she around? Does she show up on purpose of her own volition? Or is she called upon by TLC? Do the Duggars want her there? Or is she a party crasher? Sometimes Jim Bob looks at her like she's definately talking a little too much ("I think you did a little more than kiss before you got married Unles Jim Bob" during the Josh engagement episode...and Jim Bob walked away rather than strangle her on camera).

Sometimes I get the impression that she just shows up unannounced to get some camera time because she knows they are filming and the family gets those looks on their faces like "oh cousin Amy is here...why?" But other times she seems written into the show as if TLC has demanded that she be there--a double date with her and her boyfriend and Josh and Anna--can you say "awkward?" Although it does show that Jim Bob is not as strict as people claim he is--he allows his daughters to hang out with her because his daughters showed up on the date later that night to play bumper cars with them--why would Jim Bob allow his daughters to be with Amy and her date if he were so strict?

Amy was around with the Bates when they went to Silver Dollar City and sky diving. Why? An extra pair of eyes and hands is always helpful when in a theme park to keep track of all those kids, especially with 2 large families, but making a big deal of bringing her ipod full of heavy metal and country music was a little over the top--and Josh's comments about her as if she was going to corrupt them all were kind of, not rude, but family being family. Again--why was she there, if not to contrast the Bates and Duggars---here we have the modest family, the modest modern family, and Paris Hilton of Arkansas? Was that the only point? She looked and acted bored the entire time.

However she did encourage some girl talk among the older girls when the Bates boys were around--so having her around may have helped in the courting department---she's the one you want around when you need to talk about boys. I'm sure Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger will get lots of details from Amy when it comes to boys and dating.

People have suggested that Jim Bob keeps Amy around as a "what not to do" for his girls. He is close to his sister and does obviously love her and his niece. He accepts her even though she was born out of wedlock and is not judgemental. Amy is Christian and respects the Duggars way of life and doesn't mock them when she visits. People have also called her loud and obnoxious--she has made a few comments about trying to get the girls more wild and crazy--some silly comments when shopping for baby clothes with Anna.

I'm just not sure about Amy. I don't dislike her. I just don't understand the point. Who's idea is she? Is she TLC's idea, the Duggar's idea, or does she just show up on her own to get publicity for her singing career? Or maybe a little of both?

Someone fill me in...I've heard people on Facebook friend her because she gives out details about baby Josie that no one else can get...what's your take on Cousin Amy? Is there a point? Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch--are the Duggars jumping the shark?


  1. I've noticed Jim Bob with that "Amy shut up!" look on his face too. I've often thought that TLC deliberately writes Amy into the show. I think they may get more positive feedback on Amy because more people relate to her. Sadly, I think some "anti-Duggars" like Amy on the show because they think she will corrupt the Duggar kids.

  2. The more I think about it .... I liked Anna better than I ever have last night. She seemed to have her own thoughts and opinions more than she ever has before. While I don't dislike any of the Duggars, Josh is my least favorite. I've always felt like he won't even let Anna speak or think for herself. Maybe hanging out with Amy has brought Anna out of her shell a little.

  3. Playing devil's advocate, not Josh's, remember Josh is VERY used to the camera--for someone just thrown into this mix, Anna probably isn't necessarily shy, she just isn't used to being filmed for national TV. She does well when being interviewed, but anyone, ANYONE, is going to look shy next to Josh. I think she's just getting used to having the cameras around and talking in front of them--you know that could be why her sister came to stay with them for a few months when they first got married--that always made me wonder, why would newlyweds have a sister-in-law come stay with them for a summer? Could it be Anna had stage fright?

    I've never gotten the impression Josh won't LET Anna think for herself, she seems more like me--I've willingly given a lot over to my husband simply so I don't have to deal with it--there's a difference. Josh is, however, a camera hog. That is just a fact. I think he either wants to make a run for office someday and is trying to get as much airtime as he can or b) he knows having his face on TV is good for his car business, or at least thinks it is. He's ALWAYS been a camera hog since day 1 of filming.

    Michelle does more talking because Jim Bob has flat out said he doesn't like public speaking--they've said he has to do more retakes than anyone. Weird for a politician. Probably why they hosted a lot of small town BBQs during the campaign and not huge rallies.

    As the progress Anna will get used to it I'm sure, but she'll always be in Josh's shadow, but I'm sure she knew that---and she probably liked that, her dad said their family liked him, not because he was on TV, but I'm sure a small part of her did.

  4. Cousin Amy is one I just can't figure out, but then she's not on enough so it's hard. Sometimes it's obvious that she's "invited" by TLC--date night. But other times it looks like she just showed up on her own and the Duggars look surprised, not upset, just like "oh hi nice to see you just dropped by" and Amy has a look like "yeah the cameras are here of course i dropped by." I just have no idea. Maybe once she started showing up TLC decided they liked her and began writing her in....

    Anti-Duggars DEFINATELY want her to "corrupt" the girls...or at least make them more mainstream, since Amy is a Christian, afterall. But Jim Bob has no problem with Amy being around the girls and the girls hanging out with her, he doesn't seem to worried.

    I do think she's one of those people who often forgets to think before she speaks...we all have one of those friends that you kind of sigh and roll your eyes when you're around....I do get a little embarassed for her when I watch her---she talks a little too much--either she is one of those people that talks too much when there is a camera in her face (it happens, you either start yammering non-stop or you completely freeze) or she's just like that all the time, we'll never know....but she does add some brevity doesn't she :) She keeps Jim Bob in check hehehe because he has admitted in his book to having a temper!

  5. Marybeth - I haven't read the book. That's funny I didn't realize Jim Bob had a temper at all.

    You are right on about Amy not thinking before she speaks. A few episodes have made me wonder if the crew feeds her Red Bull or Starbucks before they film.

    "Camera Hog" is the best way tot describe Josh! Like I said, I don't dislike him ... but if I had to pick a least fav, it's him. While he seems like a good guy overall - he's kind of abrasive.

    I enjoy seeing Amy on the show because I think it demonstrates to all the nay-sayers that the Duggars are very accepting.

    1. I would have gone more with "lazy brat with redneck ideals that wants a political career" for Josh...

  6. I follow Amy on facebook and see all the pictures she uploads, Amy is a HUGE part of the Duggars life in fact she is there often when we aren't invited to watch. Amy was even on the last mission trip and that just wasn't made public. I think Amy shows how wonderful the family is and how they are kind to those who don't believe as they do. Amy is a Christian she isn't "Paris Hilton" but just a modern woman. I love seeing her and how they all get along and are kind to each other despite they differences. My family is Jehovahs Witnesses and they practice dissfellowshipping so watching the Duggars embrace Amy makes me see what true Christian tolerance and love is. Amy too I think makes the Duggars seem real to those who have never seen people live that kind of life.

  7. I've seen Amy's fb page too. She is obviously a part of their lives. I think she is just your average teen girl (yes aware I don't know her exact age and she could be 20's) and she doesn't always think before she speaks or have a lot of tact. She also winds the kids up but doesn't necessarily calm them back down again.
    It's good to see that she is around sometimes because we do see that the Duggars accept people who aren't as conservative as them in their faith. I do wonder if the girls ever have to say NIKE around her though LOL.
    She seems to genuinely enjoy being with her cousins and as an only child I would have thought it's great for her to have that interaction.
    Lots of fans enjoy seeing her and think she adds a spark, and yes i've seen Jim Bob's 'look' too!

  8. One thing that totally slipped my mind when writing this was that Amy was born "out of wedlock"...but I don't know if her father was in the picture at all. Does anyone know? But what we do know from previous episodes is that when dad's of his daughter's friends aren't around (the girl's who's dad had died) he steps in to mentor. I'm sure one of the reasons that Jim Bob keeps Amy and his sister so close, other than they are family, is so Amy could have a "father figure."

  9. Once Deanna addressed that on the show. But, honestly, it was confusing .... the way I took it was like Amy and Deannas dad are married now. But maybe rekindled their romance at some point after Amy's birth. I have no clue if that is accurate because of the way she worded it. It was on the episode where they were over at Deanna's house and the kids had silly string out in the yard. I have the attention span of a toddler - so maybe someone else who watched the episode actually caught what she was saying. I think Amy, Deanna, and Terri's last name is actually Jordyn. ??

  10. At first I thought Amy was there for pure comparison value, for the viewers to compare the older girls to her to see how different their lifestyles were. But now I'm really unsure why they keep including her in the show so often. She just is plain annoying most of the time and really doesn't need to be there for many of the things the family does. I get that she is close to the family but so is her mother and she is not there ALL the time.

    Jim Bob does have that shut up look with her lol, but so does Anna. She looked somewhat mortified when Amy just all of a sudden started talking to the lady at the craft store.

    I know that she is good with the little kids, and seems especially close to Joy-Anna but she really doesn't need a show with her in the center of it. I get visiting or family functions/events, but not where she is in the storyline.

  11. My guess is she stops by for a visit...because this is something she has done her whole life. She is family, so I can't imagine her not visiting because of TLC. Amy doesn't appear to be shy or have a problem with being on camera. It is just so interesting that JB and Deanna live their lives so differently.

    The only time Amy got on "my" nerves, was at the wedding. I felt she had no right to throw cake or tell them how they should feed each other. Anna and Josh both looked totally pissed! That is one time I actually thought she was being an attention hog. But, for the most part, I really enjoy her visits. Wish other friends and relatives would drop in for a visit. I don't think Amy's mom wants to be on TV much. It is very obvious Amy doesn't mind and I bet the money is good.

  12. TLC has got NOTHING better to show, They've showed the new house, they've had them do short little field trips, they drag Amy, Josh, and Anna in for new things to talk about.

    TLC knows for all the moaning and groaning people do about not seeing their 'real lives' if they filmed nothing but the kids doing school work and asking Jill for a drink of water... no one is going to keep watching the show.

    Amy brings controversy to the show so does Josh for different reasons and some of the same ones (neither has learned to THINK before you SPEAK), drama is what brings most of the viewing audience back week after week. To keep drama going you need Amy and Josh.

    PS who is Paris Hilton?

  13. "PS who is Paris Hilton? " LOL

  14. Ok I KNEW that would make ya'll crack up, but I was almost serious.

    I do know the NAME, but do not know who this girl is and why any would want to be like her.

    I vaguely remember my brother watching a reality show with her in it I THINK.

    But other than being a blond skinny chick (I did google her picture) who is this girl and why would any one want to be like her?

  15. frankly i can't figure out Paris Hilton either--other than girls would want to be like her because she's rich, so she gets whatever she wants---clothes, cars, trips, jewelry--nice life if you're a princess.

    I haven't seen the episode with Amy and the booties yet, but apparently she carries her little dog around with her everywhere--that's where the Paris Hilton reference came from--Paris Hilton used to carry a little dog with her everywhere. Didn't Amy even make a reference about she herself being the Paris Hilton of Arkansas? I thought someone else on another blog said that, but again, I didn't see the show yet--not until TLC posts it!

  16. But I have seen those stupid toy dogs EVERY WHERE, did Paris Hilton start this fad or something?

    ROFL some how I don't miss the TV blaring all these stupid things at me, and the fact that my kids are home schooled they don't get it either, from kids in the school. And when the other kids get home from school they are building forts in my back yard and holding battles not discussing what was on TV last night...

    One last thing, if people thought the DUGGARS were bad because they let them play with fake swords and guns.... what on earth would they have to say with the stick wars, and pinecone bombs in OUR back yard?

  17. I personally dislike Amy. She seems very disrespectful and not funny at all. Why is she even on the show? She obviously does not fit in with the rest of the family. Maybe they let her come around because they feel sorry for her since she probably doesn't have any friends.