Monday, April 19, 2010

Duggar Shows I'd Like to See

Lately I've be rewatching so of the previous seasons' epsisodes and yes, some of them are a bit contrived, almost forced. They wouldn't have gone to a pro-hockey game if their editor hadn't taken them and made the arrangements. The episode where they went to the ostrich farm was a great learning experience for the younger kids--it reminded me of a field trip we took in grade school, but not an episode I'd really want to watch over and over. So what do I want to see the Duggars do if I could choose some Duggar moments?

1) Well as a Jew, I think it would be great to see them continue to expand their horizons and celebrate a Jewish holiday--start small and maybe celebrate something like Hanukkah. For those of you who aren't aware, it's not actually a holiday, it's a festival, and a minor one at that. Since it falls near Christmas, most people think it's important, and while it does celebrate a feat of Jewish history, Jews in the last few decades have adopted it as a holiday in America so their kids wouldn't feel left out while their Christian friends were celebrating Christmas. But anyway, it would be interesting to see them visit a Jewish family similar to them in modesty beliefs, maybe not an Chassidic family--that would be too hard for them to handle--but a nice Orthodox family who could have them over for a Hanukkah party--I think that would be an interesting episode--the kids playing dreidle...eating latkes and all the fried foods. Of course Purim is another possibility--they could dress up in costumes, we don't celebrate Halloween and I doubt the Duggars do either--but at Purim you wear costumes and read the book of Ester.

2) Continuing my theme it would be great to see them tour Israel. They could see both the Jewish places and the Christian places. Maybe for fairness sake even the Muslim places.

3) Since I'm married to a Brit and gave birth to my daughter in London, I'd love to see them travel to England and tour the museums. We've seen them in El Salvador and NYC--now let's see them take on London. How will Jim Bob explain the dinosaur bones at the Natural History museum? Will they get used to eating beans on toast for breakfast? And please let's take them for a high class meal to one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants. Should we trek them across the country to stone henge for good measure?

4) Family Feud or Are you smarter than a Duggar...can they take over a game show for a week? It's Duggar week on "Deal or No Deal" Can you see a bunch of Duggars in the desks instead of the usual 5th graders matching wits with Jeff Foxworthy?

5) A real "week in the life" instead of pre-planned TLC us some more documentary style stuff where we see some real life things going on...answer some real questions about where they are shopping now....who they are hanging out with when they have free time...

Now it's YOUR turn...share some episodes or situations YOU want to see the Duggars in!


  1. I would love to see a typical day in the Duggar Household, showing school, meals, play etc - not a special day where they are doing something different but just a typical one - perhaps with duggarcam so you see it from a kids point of view.
    I would also love to see an episode where they show their home church and see how that works (I'm facinated as I can't get to church much due to chronic pain and church pew issues).
    Both of those would need to wait until they are back home though.
    An updated living frugally episode would be appreciated by all of us fans who get tips that way.
    As i live in the UK a trip here would be interesting but oh so expensive (food etc)and I can't see it happening as Josie will need great care for some time yet.

  2. I miss living in London so badly I keep begging to move back! But yes the cost of living was high--rent. But groceries were cheaper there than here, why I guess competition. Canned food and fresh veg were so amazingly cheap to me! Meat was the only thing that was high. Of course eating out is very expensive--that costs a bloody fortune! hehehe even McDonalds is a treat--I do miss the Morley's across the street from our flat (stop laughing) when I was pregnant I'd get a piece of chicken and chips for 2 pounds. I also miss REAL fish and chips for a chip shop. I think I'm going to start crying I'm getting homesick :( hehehe

  3. Wow! I'd love to visit London one day. I hope the Duggars get to travel to other countries as well. (When Josie is better of course)

    I would LOVE for the Duggars to visit other large families who aren't Christians. There are actually people who just want a large family and it has nothing to do with religion. If they want to stick with Christians...then I would like for them to visit folks who are a little main-stream.

    I just wonder how much World Geography or history they actually study.

  4. It would be great to see them do some world travel, other than El Salvador, not that that isn't nobel of them doing that. And I do think seeing them experience some world religions would be great. There are some other religions that have large families like they do and modest and conservative values like they do--so that would be an interesting contrast--they could meet a Jewish family (like I suggested), a Mormon family, a Muslim family, etc. And those families, in turn could come visit them. I know my Rabbi's daughters would LOVE to have the Duggars come visit their home---we attend Chabad, which is a Jewish group that meets at the home of a Rabbi and his family--like home church. The temple is in their home. We worship and then have the Shabbes meal afterwards on Friday evening. Saturday morning we worship again and have the noon meal. And Saturday evening we have havdala--the end of Shabbes--a light nosh (snack.) They too don't watch tv or listen to worldly music--just Jewish music (but it does tend to have a "beat" to it, for teens anyway. They do have a courting ritual, the parents are involved in helping find suitable spouses, but the matches are love matches. And you have many many babies and all the boys are Rabbis, but usually have other jobs as well. My Rabbi's wife is one of 15 and my Rabbi is one of 9--they have 8.

    I wonder how we could go about inviting them to come visit?

  5. Are groceries really cheaper here??? Gosh I thought it was way cheaper in the USA. Our supermarkets are very competative though - eating out is definately a special treat. Very rarely do we find any children eat for £1 or for free offers.
    Mmmmmm fish and chips... :)

  6. Chris--the "basics" ranges were so cheap! I still can't get over the canned food prices...8-12p for cans of veg...13p for cans of baked beans! we bought all the "basics" range at sainsburys...i didn't like tescos hehehe but sometimes i'd make him drive all the way to ASDA because it was owned by Wal-Mart and i missed wal-mart, though it just wasn't the same....and the fresh fruit and veg were cheaper there too....meat was more expensive but i'd buy a frozen bag of chicken legs/thighs for cheap and frozen hamburger patties...and then whatever fresh meat was on special---a roast or something....but i can't tell you how much i miss British Greens!!! spinach just isn't the same! food here, even with the exchange rate is so much more expensive....but that was in London, i don't know if it was more expensive in other cities or out in the country--my in-laws lived in a village near Cambridge and the food was a little higher, but not very much....i still wish i could shop there and pay the rent price here! ....we could never figure it out, if food was so cheap, why was eating out so expensive? hahaha were they paying high rent? paying their staff a lot? or raking in a huge profit?

  7. I think it would be interesting to see the Duggars on either "wife swop" or "worlds strictest parents" -No I don't think Michelle and Jim-Bob and Strict but if you have ever seen the show you will see that the parents have rules and chores and I think it would be neat to see an unruley teenager go visit them for a week. Plus on the episode where JimBob takes the girls on a special campout, well that owner was on an episode of Worlds Strictest parents, it was cool!

  8. Anonymous, I saw that episode as well! Those kids really weren't all that bad compared to the others I've seen. I really don't think "that" family could have handled a REALLY ROTTEN kid. The Duggars have actually visited there several times for a retreat. The sad part is it was mentioned that the owner and his family "rarely" leave the property. So...when does HIS family get a break or go on their own little retreat??

    Wow MaryBeth! Even I want to come for a visit. Write TLC and tell them how it would be such a good idea for the Duggars to visit these families. If they are tolerant of other beliefs...this should prove it and up some ratings. Do you think any of the older kids would be interested in being an exchange student? Do you think they know such a thing exists?

  9. I agree with Chris's orginal post. I found the Duggars quite interesting when they showed more of their "normal" daily life than all of these feild trip type shows that we are seeing lately. I'm staying hopeful that they have only been slighly boring lately because they are in Little Rock and maybe the episodes will go back to normal (or somewhat normal) when they return to their home. Of course - they did these trips and things all last season too .... so who knows.

  10. Please no offense but NO world traveling as a group. That does just smack of entitlements.

    I would like them to go in smaller groups, as adults to foreign places and actually learn things and have the experience, but doing it toting along 17 siblings in various ages... no thanks.

    I would like the Duggars to do a show on the feast days, a lot of Christians celebrate those with their Jewish friends.

  11. Homeschoolers have a hard time getting into exchange student programs. It'd be really hard for a Duggar to boot plus camera crew to document the experience to go overseas but maybe hosting an exchange student.

  12. They don't have to be in an exchange student program, just go on a trip to those countries, as they go on trips in the US as a family. However one thing I'm looking forward to as my 3 yr old gets bigger is that when she starts homeschooling (unless we're back in the UK--she'll go to public school there) are all the trips we'll take with her. I look forward to taking her to visit family in the UK and all the museums there that will be part of her education. I also look forward to adding the history of the countryside--taking her to Wales and Scotland and showing her all the places her father has taken me. And when she's older another trip to Israel so she can see where her faith comes from (she was 11 months old last time we were there and will be 3 1/2 next time we go.) And we can take her all over Europe to learn history where it happened. That's the joys of homeschooling--getting OUT of the house!

  13. You will be happy to know that they are in London now & will be filming for 25 days!

  14. You will be happy to know that they have all, Josie, Cousin Amy AND Grandma Duggar included, finally crossed the pond & are going to be filming in the UK for 25 days.