Saturday, June 5, 2010

Josiah Duggar: World Missionary or Sit-Com Star?

Michelle describes Josiah as the family cut-up and comedian. It's easy to see because he seems so at ease in front of the camera and he's always joking and making one-liners. He says he wants to be a missionary, but I'm sorry, I can totally see him on Broadway or as a stand-up comedian--even a sit-com star.

With that many people in your family, of course everyone is going to be distinguishable by their personality, likes, and dislikes, however, there will be those that stand out and those you forget when trying to name all 19--Josiah is one you will never forget. When you watch several episodes in a row, either when TLC shows a mini-marathon or if you have them on youtube or on DVD, you begin to see which kids they interview on a regular basis and which kids you never see. Josiah, again, always interviewed. He is so comfortable on camera, but not just because he grew up that way, it's more than that. He knows, even at that young of an age, what's funny, what's appropriate to the situation, and what will make people laugh. His sense of humour is beyond his years.

He's not just a funny kid though, he's gone on the last few El Salvador trips as well--being in the "older kid" group part of the family. He has said he wants to be a missionary and these trips are likely part of that, although if I remember correctly, he has said that from the time of the 1 hour specials, before he ever went. He seems like a very open, giving, and loving child. We don't see him doing much school work, other than having a camera in his face while trying to read a book--I don't know how productive I'd be at reading with that kind of pressure, but if you're used to it?

Josiah will be a very very VERY fun young man to watch as he continues to grow up. As Michelle says, he's the family comedian, and who knows, he could wind up an actor in some Kirk Cameron movies.


  1. These are some good points Marybeth. As I thought of Josiah doing comedy I thought how interesting for him to be a "Christian Comic" & to have that a target audiance. He'd certainly have enough material given his experiences not just being a Duggar but having so much of his life & ways on camera & having camera crews there etc. Of course so many comics are actors too I can see him doing both.

  2. Josiah is a very interesting little guy. Can't wait to see how he will sound when his voice drops. For some reason I think he would be a great disc jockey. He might give Christian Rock a chance when he grows up. Hehe. Just a fun thought.

  3. Oh that is a great idea for him Angie.

  4. I think Josiah is just so adorable! He's funny, cute, I mean I love watching the show '19 kids and counting' and he defiantly makes it a little more interesting. And he's defiantly also very comfortable on camera.