Tuesday, June 1, 2010

John-David Duggar: The Shy, Silent Type

John-David is clearly one of those strong, silent types you hear about in the movies. I've never actually met one in person, but he seems to be the epitome of that description. He clearly doesn't seek out the camera, yet is willing to speak when spoken to, although there's an obvious shyness there, even after all these years--his eyes will cast downward, or he'll glance to the side--maybe a nervous smile. Regardless of that, he clearly knows who he is and what he enjoys doing.

Building the family home was obviously a turning point for John-David. While Josh realized that construction wasn't his cup of tea, John-David clearly took to the big machinery and to this day, as his siblings will tell us on camera, will sit up on the seat of a front-end loader until the gas runs out. To hear John-David tell it, he's been operating the big machines since for a long time--well he was 12 or 13 when they began building the house--and he's 20 now, so yes, he probably has--whenever there is a project around the house that involves one of those "Bob the Builder" machines, he's the one driving it. Even the huge lawn mower, and laughing, he says he's allergic to grass.

So why the towing business? People keep writing on blogs that his dad gave him that business. I guess they assume that because years ago Jim Bob had a towing business he must be "giving it" to John-David as a graduation gift? Well no, since Jim Bob sold the towing business when John-David was still a small child. He may enjoy driving and operating the big machines, but from a start-up capitol stand point, a 16 year old doesn't open up a construction business of his own, does he? From a start-up capitol stand point the towing business consists of the tow truck and some permits, I'm assuming. It also partners perfectly with brother Josh's car lot--I'm just guessing here but it appears that he works out of the car lot's office? Does he have his own business space seperate from that? I've only seen him there at Josh's car lot. It makes sense that they partner up.

I did notice that he was driving a new truck this season--bright red. In Season 2 Josh was driving and older white tow truck--neither has any business name printed on the side or phone number. I'm not sure why, but seeing the new truck and no business name stuck me as odd, maybe it was BRAND new.

He may move back to construction as he gets older and gains more experience--adding projects to his resume--like the Bates remodel. I get the feeling that it's more important to own your own business than work for someone else. But Jim Bob wasn't a tow truck driver forever and John-David likely won't be one forever either. That's the downside of the strong silent types, you have a lot of speculation and you never really know until they actually tell you. I, for one, look forward to seeing more of what John-David has planned for his life--it could be that he'll show us instead of tell us.


  1. Actually being a tow truck driver is a great business to own & particularly in todays economy. People can "get by without" with a lot of things but if you need a tow you need a tow & it's something that's always in demand yet you don't see an over abundance of. I would think this is a business that wouldn't go under all that easy.

  2. yes that's a great point...and Jim Bob made the most of his money by being on the police rotation for towing cars by the police dept/etc...but you have to be available on 24/7 call...I wonder if John-David is doing that, because as you mention, in this economy this can be bleak and if you get tickets you can't pay or get caught without insurance that you can't pay you will get your car towed!

  3. Yes & I hadn't thought that with triple A I imagine he'd be on call 24/7 too unless they use more than 1 towing service. And yes you're right I head a cop say last wknd he had several cars towed due to DWI...

  4. The reason Jim Bob quit the tow business was b/c of the being on 'call' 24/7, and it interfering with family life, he said in the book.

    Since John David does not have a family yet, this is a great lucrative business for him! He can tow trucks for Josh, and probably is on the police rotation, and all that. He can save up money for when he wants to build/buy a home and get married.

    Mrs P

  5. Yes I know that's why he quit, but I wonder, since then they have made a lot of changes in their belief-model as far as spending time together as a family--I wonder if John-David is included in that family time (Saturday Sabbath family together time, Sunday worship service)--or if he's decided he is willing to leave church to go pick up a tow?

    The other thing I found interesting was that there was no business name or license # printed on the side of the new (or new/used) red truck he was driving in one of the most recent episodes--I've only lived in a couple states, but both of them required a license # on the side of the tow truck (not the vehicle license but i'm assuming it's a business license or license to tow commercially?--so is his business private or public? They blur out the phone number on Josh's car lot sign, but show the name--so I'm just curious? It could be that the truck was so new it hasn't been painted, or he has one of those magnet signs for the side and they took it off for filming...no clue here!

  6. do they make money for each episode on the show? He could have gained money from that to start a business.. all the duggers seem to be hard workers.. willing to give their all to get where they need to get.. i may not be a christian and such.. but i do respect their values and work ethics.

  7. JD is far more apt to show us, rather than tell us exactly who he is.

    Actions do speak louder than words, and I believe he'll prove himself to be a fine man.

    I have trouble liking Josh, but feel that the hatred towards him on the internet is cruel.

    He may have health problems. He's getting quite heavy and seems to have no energy. I wonder if he's seen a doctor? It is not like a Duggar to appear that tired and lazy, all the time. It could well be that there are medical issues to keep in mind with him? With this in mind, I'm trying to see him in a better light.

  8. I would think you'd want the advertising that having your name on the truck gives you... in addition to the legal requirements of having your business name on a commercial truck.
    I don't think JD is all that concerned with growing his business though, he took a week in December to go to El Salvador, and took the month of June to go to Indonesia.
    And if he is not willing to do nights and weekends, he will miss most of the calls.

    Now as to JD himself, he seems very quiet.. but the quiet ones often surprise you. He may have a very different idea of what he wants life to be like for himself. I think that a towing business is great... if that is what he really wants to to, and wasn't pushed into it as a way to aid Josh's business needs.

  9. their service to others comes first, and so i don't fault him at all for going on mission trips--that's far different from going on a vacation and laying on the beach...

    as for Josh--people forget they have a BABY living with them--and likely in their bedroom--he's probably not getting any sleep because of that, since she's nursing, she's waking up in the night to feed...so of course he's looking tired! and it's actually not uncommon for newlywed husbands to put on weight--he also gained weight with Anna during the pregnancy...

    as for money from the show--i'm sure they are paid something, but they don't seem to factor that into their living expenses--they don't list it as what they live on--knowing Jim Bob he's investing it....they've never discussed TLC money or what the kids earn, although I'd think that any over 18 have to sign their own waivers to appear on the show and John-David is over 18...however he also still lives at home and is fed and clothed and sheltered by his parents, who knows unless they tell us?

  10. That's interesting about the the truck not having his business name or licenses# on the truck. I agree that one would think he'd want the publicity of having his business name on TV. On the other hand maybe he doesn't want to be bombarded by a lot of crazies calling him telling him his family's a cult etc. Maybe he only wants the ads local? I thought they'd said in one of the episodes that He was good with cars & such so maybe he's doing repairs too? I would think they'd say that on the show though.

  11. back when Jim Bob got his first tow truck he used it just for the car lot and to do private tows for friends...that's why i wondered if he was doing private tows only, although in some states you have to have a sign that says "not for hire" but again, i have no idea the rules in arkansas....the final episode showed the truck again going to texas and it didn't have anything written on the door....he could have gone with the magnetic removable sign that he can yank off for filming...he may not do public towing--in the episode about the ice storm in season 2 he said he was doing some freelance big equipment driving (backhoes, front loaders, that kind of thing) ...so he may be doing lots of things...

  12. I wondered whether JD was contracting or freelancing. Just because if you were setting up a business yourself - like Josh and his car lot, you can't really take breaks - until you employ someone else you need to be there at least while is's getting set up.
    So if JD was hiring himself out, doing towing or anything else that he has the equipment for, he might easily be working for his Dad at this point doing maintenance on JB's rental properties and looking after those.
    I think they are all fortunate to have the equipment they have - and to have had the chance to learn how to use it all. Personally I think JD just likes to drive/operate big machinery type things and is doing what he can to get to do that.

  13. LOL Chris you mean like big boys with their real life toy trucks?? I have a few boys here & boys can be like that.

  14. It seems everyone is hoping for a JD/Erin Bates match, sure it would be cute, but I feel either Priscilla Keller or Michaela Bates would suit his shy nature better. Michaela Bates already volunteers with her local fire department so they would have that in common. Priscilla Keller seems kind of tom-boyish which would suit John Davids way of life, too.