Saturday, June 19, 2010

If Michelle Duggar Went On "Wife Swap"....

This is a request by a reader...if Michelle went on "Wife Swap" what would you want to see, or what would you expect to see? This is a huge 'if' for most of us, because just making that leap to where she'd even CONSIDER doing the show is so out of place it's hard to imagine, but we've put them in 'what if' situations before, so let's try it again!

I have only seen 1 episode of the show "Wife Swap" at least I think that's what it was called. Interestingly enough, one of the mothers who was swapping was a very hard-core Christian from a very hard-core family. The daughter and mother did all the work and the son and father sat around like royalty waiting to be served. In fact, you wanted to reach through the screen and beat the father with a hose. Ok maybe it was just me, but it was very hard to watch. She swapped with a tattooed/pierced mother who home-schooled her children with a laid back style. The kids weren't doing all that well in school. Both mothers learned a lot about "the other side" and both families did a lot of growing and changing--although royal dad was still a royal pain. People don't like to admit their frailties.

Somehow I don't see Michelle as the hard-core Christian woman. She is far too kind and polite and reserved. In all the TV shows I've never seen her preach to anyone. Even to the kids it's not like they hold up their religion in a "my way or the highway" kind of way. One of the reasons I'm so easily able to watch their show is that they don't preach, they lead by example--diamond hunting episode not included--hahaha. I have a feeling that she would rise above whatever situation she was put in and lead by example. I can almost see martyr from her.

For those who know more about "Wife Swap" than I do...what do YOU think would happen if Michelle went on the show?


  1. It would depend upon whom they were paired with. They usually seem to pair opposites, so my guess would be an atheist, wiccan, etc, type of family. Or they could go the homeschool vs private school, buy used versus top of the line spenders, one child vs several, SAYM vs CEO Mom, patriachial vs doting on the women, etc.

    In most caes, families see something to offer amongst all the negatives from the other family... more time with kids, less stress, better education, more peace, whatever.

    In The Duggar case, I think Michelle might benefit from a family where women are the breadwinners... maybe swapping with a widower's oldest daughter to see what an uneducated feamle breadwinner suffers. But, overall, I think Michelle has a lot of very good traits...I think she could teach a lot about inner peace to a family under stress.

    JB might benefit from a CEO type wife swap where she sits him down and tells him a few things about young adult women today force... I think he means well though, but is misguided.
    JB could teach a spendthrift wife how to make good use of limited funds.

  2. I think it would be pretty interesting but I do not see the duggars participating. I can't imagine any woman who would be in any way able to handle it. And I think the house would practically fall apart. Especially if she swapped with a mom who didn't think children should do housework and should just be kids etc etc. I know a lot of people like that because of where I went to school. Kids that never clean or anything until they get to college and moan and whine about everything. I don't watch the show. Only ever saw a few episodes. But I think I would def watch one with Michelle if it ever happened lol

  3. no we would definately have to suspend reality in order to play this game...of course they would never participate....but i do agree that the producers would match her up with an "opposite"....

  4. During the first few days, the new spouse has to live the way the family normally lives. Then they get to add their "special" style. I've seen many families protest while others actually embrace new ideas.

    I can't see Michelle trying to change much. She would probably teach the girls how to cook and sew. She might insist they not watch TV for a week just to see how much family time they save.

    I think JB would benefit more from a swap. It would be interesting for him to swap with a more liberal family or a family from another race. For some reason...I got a feeling he would be very open to a spouse swap.

  5. I've never seen the program so don't totally understand but I'm beginning to get a few ideas...
    I'm not sure how the rest of the Duggar clan would react. Michelle is very good at making the best of a situation and seeing good in whatever she experiences. She has the maturity and understanding that other people choose different routes than her but that it can still work.
    I can't see the elder girls taking to someone else coming in and trying to change things. They have a lot of responsability around the house and in the family buit they also have a lot of autonomy. I don't see them being questioned much or treated with anything other than respect as equals in the family. I'm not sure they have the maturity and experience (i don't think anyone does at their age) do accept that there are others ways that they could benefit from.
    JB would probably treat it as an oportunity as would Michelle. But can't see the family embracing it.
    But it is fun to imagine....

  6. haha i agree!!! JB seems to be the type who thinks it would be a wonderful learning tool for the children to learna bout how others live as well as remind them that even though they may sometimes get upset with their mom, she truly is a wonderful mother to them etc.he likes to have fun.

    and yes michelle would take away tv time for sure i think. im just worried about how the other person would handle 19 kids....THAT would be interesting

  7. I think JB and Michelle would handle it with dignity, reserve and kindness. That to me kind of sums up how they handle most awkward situations. Ever notice how they never actually answer a question if they think its none of your beeswax? I think JB knows more about women today than we want to admit, maybe - his mother worked, and I think his sister is pretty liberal. I think it would be a good experience for a woman's libber to have to take on Michelle's role though. Knock her off her high horse a bit maybe haha ;)

  8. Erela she(the libber) would still be on the "high horse" because the girls appear to do most of the work. Not saying Michelle does not work hard. She has "19 kids", and that alone will be more of a shock to the new mom.

    BOTH will get to see how hard the other works. :)

  9. I guess you are right about still being on a high horse. I just wish sometimes they would see that not everyone wants or needs further education and a 'good' job outside the home.

  10. while I laughingly agree, I do wish to point out here that Michelle has balanced working very hard with raising her family. Interesting as it would be now with 19 kids it would have been even more interesting to go back in time (ok we are already suspending disbelief) and swop with the Michelle that had a role at a grocery store whilst looking after a toddler, or in a 2 bedroom house with 5 under 5!

  11. Where I was hoping this would go, was if YOU were to swap with Michelle, what you like to impart to the Duggars and what would you hope your family could learn from Michelle?
    I would love to See TLC's What Not to Wear come and show the girls some fashion tips where they still dressed modestly, but with a more modern twist. I'm not necessarily knocking their style, I'm simply saying I think it would be fun what Stacy and Clinton came up with for them.
    I would love to get them to let loose and dance. Not all dancing is provocative. I kind of think it's sad that Josh and Anna didn't dance at their wedding. Speaking of dancing and weddings, I would love to see them attend an Orthodox Jewish wedding where the men and women dance separately. I would love to see all over 18 and/or those who have graduated, attend college if they choose, or get jobs, just for variety and to have some personal time.

    My household is a little disorganized and my children often feel it's optional to listen to me, so I would that Michelle could institute some organization and impart to my children that listening to me would go a long way towards helping to keep up that organization.

  12. I think it would be cool if they went of "worlds strictest parents" -Now in no means and I saying that I think they are strict but some teens might think so.. it would be interesting to see how they would help someone get on a better path. Any opinions?