Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WWDD: What Would The Duggars Do?

Have you ever been going along your day and stopped to ask yourself: what would The Duggars do in this situation? I actually have. For the most part it usually has to do with things financial--groceries, thrift shopping--do I really need that? But the more time I spend on the message boards, reading how people love the family and appreciate their morals and character and how they raise their children.

When I see people write bad things about them, of course my first instict is to correct them, with facts, but also to belittle, add a few snarky remarks of my own, and tell them exactly where they can take a flying leap. But I have to ask myself, "Is this what the Duggars would do?" No probably not.

There are a lot of instances you can ask yourself that. No, the Duggars are not perfect and lately I've been accused of thinking this family is infallable and perfect. What this detractor fails to realize is that one of my main goals is that by playing "devil's advocate" I hope to make people who are less than fans, see these people in a different light than they might currently see them. No, I don't think they are perfect, how can I when I disagree with most of their beliefs and state so in the beginning of my "what this blog is about" statement? But I can see them as moral and ethical and trying to do right. You can always try, regardless of how the results turn out. That's one thing I have learned from them, you can always try to be a good person, even if you fall short.

I made a comment under one of the blogs, I don't even remember which one, something to the effect that I can act like a Jew and practice the part, but it doesn't necessarily make me a better person....that has to come from within...just because I dress the part and say the prescribed prayers and eat the diet and show up on time to shul, I still have to have the right heart and soul.

Rewatch a few episodes, those of you that own the first few seasons. Relearn the qualities the Duggars are teaching their children. Then start asking yourself when you get in a quandry ....What Would a Duggar Do? See if it helps...


  1. I see Duggars as loving parents doing the best they know how for their family. What works for o one is perfet,but they try toget along just like the rest of us.

  2. Ya know I almost got another tattoo a few months ago...but then I found out the Bible says it's wrong and not pleasing to G-d. I actually found this out on one of the Duggar blogs. Did a little research and sure enough, there it was. BUMMER! Why does G-d have to be so strict!? Thought my "lil rose" on my leg looked cute. Tried to convince myself that G-d won't mind if I get...just one more. Then I thought of the Duggars. Sounds strange, but I thought of them and how they are wanting to do things to "please" G-d. Then here I was wanting to do something not pleasing to him. I just couldn't go through with it. I've never followed scripture closely at all but this struck a cord with me and I have no idea why.

  3. I'm that way with my tongue post...the one point of rebellion I still keep into my Jews we aren't supposed to pierce or tattoo, but now that ear piercing has become mainstream, a lot of even Chassidic Jews are getting pierced ears. I keep the post in my tongue, because it's removeable...but even though I'd love to get it tripled again (it used to be triple pierced while now it's down to just a single post) I know that it would be wrong and leave it the way it is. I also see that body piercing has become "mainstream" as earpiercing and since you can't see it, for the most part, it shouldn't be an issue.

    But again, it's the only bit of rebellion I have left and darn it, I'm keeping it!

  4. I am desperately trying to use Michelle as a role model in the way she acts with her children - the no shouting, praise more than crtiticise, keeping calm - i'm sure you know what I mean. I have good days and bad days and it is often linked with the amount of pain I am in :(
    I also try to keep in mind how the Duggars say positive things rather than negative. How they try not to rise to the nagativity or let it get to them.
    I guess these are ways that I do think the Duggars make a great role model for me.
    There are ways that I don't try to emulate them though. I don't have a Christian husband so many of their family practises are just not suitable for my family.
    I have to say I LOL'd at the tongue piercing and tattoo. I can totally empathise. I am the person who has such a problem with being told what to do or what not to do... it's a constant battle.

  5. I think we all need to pray for the Duggars, and for Josie, especially. This statement has just been released:
    Source: People Magazine

    "After a frantic race back to the hospital, Josie has stabilized, growing to an impressive 6 lbs. 9 oz. But complex questions remain about her condition. Unable to normally digest her feedings, Josie needs enemas every six hours and constant staff assistance. Ligaments that should keep her stomach in place are weak or nonexistent; portions of her intestines are similarly mobile. Doctors next plan on a surgery to repair three hernias; they may also try to anchor certain organs in place. "We still need to understand what all her issues are," explains Arrington, codirector of the NICU."

  6. Anon: thanks for the update, however I looked on People's website and couldn't find the article, so we'll take your word for it :) Thanks!

  7. Someone just posted that on 5/24 the Duggars are appearing on the Today show with the title "Josie Comes Home" I'm not sure that post from Anon is true or not, as I said, I looked on People's website and there is no such article with that quote....

  8. Marybeth, It is absolutely true. I've seen a scan of the magazine article. It is not a mock up, it is an advance copy of the May 31 issue.

    It does NOT say that Josie will not come home to grow and develop until she can have the multiple surgeries she will have to have. I expect that she will come home soon, preferably with Home Health RNs in shifts to monitor her bowel status.. This child could have a bowel strangulation in a matter of minutes. She's got a very long road ahead of her.

    But, it finally tells us a bit more about what is wrong with Josie,and why she has stayed in NICU so long after being re-admitted.

    In my professional opinion, Josie has a genetic disorder, not simply a developmental problem caused by her prematurity. SOME of the problems such as the 3 hernias she has are probably related to the prematurity, but I don't think that missing ligaments and muscles are developmental. She would have had at least most of these GI malformations and problems if she had been full term.

    Dr. Arrington also says that she appears to have come through the prematurity without any lasting deficits. That her eyes, brain and lungs appear normal, which is a miracle, not to be taken lightly in the big picture.

  9. Sounds to me like these are structural problems that could've come up even if Josie were full-term. Makes you stop & think--if Josie had been a full-termer born @ the local hospital, she might well have died from stomach & digestive issues simply because there was no nearby NICU. Minutes can count & the trip, including arrangements, could've taken several hours.
    Thanks for the update. I was wondering just what kind of surgical correction would be needed. Thank God we live in a time when such surgeries are feasable.
    And this, gang, is why medical care is so costly. Funerals for babies like Josie (& moms like Michelle) were cheaper than NICUs, Air-Evacs, & emergency c-sections, complete with monitors, etc.

  10. Ok if it's in the mag, that's different...they don't always post it on the website, and some people on the facebook page have already posted about it...i wish i had tv so i could see the "today" show clip! ....some people have mentioned that Josie looks like she has Downs, but that is something you know immediately--it's a chromosome disorder, not something you have because you're a premie...RN's have said she looks that way because she doesn't "have enough meat on her bones"--that's how premie's look because they don't have enough weight on them...once she gains weight and chunks up, she'll look more "normal" hopefully talk of "downs" and genetic disorders will calm down a little...

  11. MaryBeth, I'm an RN too, and IMO, I don't THINK she has Down's Syndrome. Although her ears do look slightly low set, her eyes don't have the epicanthal folds. Also, I haven't seen the tongue thrusting that Down Syndrome babies have from birth.

  12. The Duggars are huge Sarah Palin fans...this far after the election their cars still have "McCain/Palin" stickers and I've heard rumours that they attend/attended some of her book if Josie had Downs a) they would already know about it and b) they would have told us about it....They are so public about things like that and sharing to encourage others, they'd be having people donate to charities or something for Downs...walk-a-thons, etc...

  13. wow.. its amazing to me. thinking about the fact that it was such a blessing that she was born premie and not full-term. especially if a lot of her conditions could have been just genetic and not something that is caused by her premature birth

    things like this definitely make me think about the title of this blog (something i generally do very often). things like this make me go "how would i handle being in that situation?" and look to the duggars to find a role model... michelle is a wonderful role model... i only wish i was half the woman she is

  14. A lot of things that are in the Bible made sense way back due to the way thigns were even the Kosher laws were written to keep at least part of the food uncontaminated if something happened. Piercing can lead to blood poisoning, mixing dairy and meat cna contaminate one food if the other is spoiled, same thing with the cooking utensils. If I remember correctly the Kosher laws were set down at a time when the Jewish people roamed the Deserts, water was scarce and utensils could not be cleaned with it as it was too wasteful so they were cleaned with sand, but since they could absor contaminants it was easier to keep some things seperate in case that happened. Nowadays things that were dangerous are pretty well much safe.