Sunday, May 2, 2010

Duggars and Field Trips

I read on one of the blogs "why do they keep going on those dumb trips?" Well there could be many reasons. Take away the TLC part and the TV show--that part is a given.

1) Let's get the kids out of the house and show them the world still exists for them and that their life isn't really ALWAYS just focused on baby sister Josie, sometimes they are important too

2) They do live in an interesting part of the country and it's nice to be able to explore it since they have an opportunity

3) Why should they be locked up in their rental house for the duration--tv show or no tv show?

There were complaints that the girls had to come along. Why don't we see the girls doing things that are age-appropriate. Or why do the girls have to come along all the time--is that a requirement. Here's my guess. I have a feeling that the girls have plenty of time to themselves when they get to do stuff all their own and that's exactly how they want it--all on their own. And that part isn't filmed. My feeling is that Jim Bob and Michelle have set up a life that is one part TV and one part when they are on field trips it's TV life time.

I haven't seen the episode yet, and won't until TLC posts it. But the blog I read had posts from mostly those who disliked it and for usual reasons, the girls were taking care of the children, not Michelle. The girls weren't enjoying themselves and looked bored--why did they have to come if they didn't want to? To quote other posters--they are teens and that's how teens that age always are, even the mild-mannered Duggars.


  1. Here are some more reasons...
    4, Jim Bob and Michelle are still homeschooling their children. This includes all their computer work and those Wisdom booklets in the afternoon but it also includes visits, field trips and the like.
    5, In order to pull together as a family they need to spend time as a family. Ok Josie can't be there but as they work towards goals, and achieve things as a family, it's good for their mental health.
    6, I would imagine they need the exercise and fresh air - they are used to living in a country setting and their rental house is in the city.

    I know families with several children spaced out over 11 odd years and one thing that you gather is that it's very difficult to amuse and satisfy everyone at the same time. But by doing the activity as a family you teach them all essential skills. Sitting watching your kids having fun at a playground can sometimes not amuse us parents but we still go and do it and hopefully do a good job.
    This attitude that those older girls do all Michelle's work and don't get any freedom - it just doesn't go away.

  2. Hey! How did I miss this post?? I like the fact that they go on field trips. It gets everyone out the house! JB is trying to keep them from being bored. I've heard people complain about the girls not getting to go places. Well, they have been to more states than I have and I'm almost 40.

    It would be nice to see them out and about with friends, but I guess that's private time and everyone doesn't want to be on TV. Has anyone ever seen John with any friends? He seems like a loner. I have seen Joseph with a young guy whose mother helped watch the kids while Michelle was sick. Does anyone know his name?

    I hope they can do something about their motion sickness. How on earth did they survive with all the traveling they did last year?