Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gallbladders, C-Sections, and Michelle Duggar: A Family Pulls Together

Speaking of kicking someone while she's down. It's troubling to read so many negative posts about a woman I have so much respect for. And this time for her continued lack of hands-on parenting. It's as if people are forgetting that just a few months ago she went through emergency surgery for not only a c-section but her gallbladder. There is a recovery period for both of those surgeries and both of those combined mean you can't always lift and carry small children around, even though you want to.

I have noticed in recent episodes that during the interviews Michelle looks great, but in the regular action shots she doesn't look herself. She seems tired and pale. I think she's very tired and probably stressed. I'm worried about her and hope her health is good. I've also noticed that Jim Bob is definately picking up his fair share of the childcare, which is fabulous. This family is pulling together so wonderfully throughout this trying time. I've also noticed the boys are doing more than their fair share than usual, which should give the anti-Duggars something to shush over. This really is a family pulling together not pulling apart.

Why am I bringing this subject up? Well I've had a c-section and the recovery wasn't the most pleasant experience of my life. I was lucky on one hand, being that my daughter was in the NICU (lucky you ask?) Well, I didn't have to be responsible for her day to day care so I had time to recover without having to care for a newborn at the same time.

Coming up in 3 days I will be having my gallbladder removed--meaning I won't be lifting my 3 year old for at least a week, maybe more, depending on how the surgery goes. I can't imagine what it would be like combining those two operations at once--both of them in emergency situations. Frankly I think she's handling it far better than I ever could. I'm dreading my upcoming surgery so much that I'm having my parents come down to care for us because I'm so sure I won't be able to care for my toddler while my husband is at work.

It's been the same way around here. Normally the household issues are my issues, but since my gallbladder has taken over my life, my husband has really taken up for me. It's been amazing and quite stunning really. Wow! Now that's love when you find the floor vacuumed for you and he understands that the dusting hasn't been done.

That's what families do when the going gets tough, they pull together. They also make time for some fun. Last weekend we went to a picnic in the mountains just like the Duggars went to a trip to the mountains. Sometimes when you need to get rid of stress you need to get out of your element and see some new scenery and get a new perspective. Sometimes you have to spend some time with other people (it was a family reunion of my husband's boss) to forget your worries and problems (upcoming surgery) and watch your daughter play with the other kids and run in the races and win toys as she crosses the finish line. (No they didn't eat bugs.) Families are amazing things--they live, they grow, they are constantly moving, and the right one will never let you fall.


  1. I thought the gall bladder pain had to do with preeclampsia, not gallstones. I haven't heard that Michelle's gall bladder has been removed. That would make recovery more difficult for Michelle. Even without that, she needs time to heal and regain her strength.
    I hope your surgery goes well Marybeth. I had the surgery 16 years ago - keyhole surgery, which made for an easier recovery. I'm glad your Mom will be there to help. Take care!

  2. Michelle initially went into her local hospital with gallstone pain, something she'd suffered from before. They thought they had the pain under control but then the pre-eclampsia came afterwards. That was after/during/when they flew her to Little Rock. Whether or not the two were related, we'll never know. I'm not positive, but I'm sure they must have taken out her gallbladder while they had her on the table, if they didn't I'd sue for malpractice!

    Pre-eclampsia has no diagnosis--having had it, it's been described to me a medical mystery. Something caused by the baby actually--frankly I was told my baby was trying to kill me (in more medical terms, but it was basically the baby is fine, but she's killing you.) However, I was much much MUCH farther along in my pregnancy than Michelle. It can come on instantly. You're pregnancy is perfectly fine one moment and the next "boom" you have it. I remember when my first symptoms started--we were driving through the English countryside to Hastings on a Sunday and I thought the curvy road was making me a little sick, but 3 days later I still was headachy and had an upset tummy (still proud that during my entire pregnancy I never hurled!) and at my scheduled midwife appt I mentioned my symptoms and she immediatedly took my blood pressure, dipped my urine--both tested off the charts! and sent me to the day clinic at the hospital for more tests. It was 4pm so they ended up admitting me because they couldn't really do anything that late--I was told "you'll be here 24 hours" but because it was "so late" the test required 24 hours and it was Thursday now it would be Sunday...then they scheduled a test for Monday...they couldn't get my headache to go away even with liquid morphine (same headache since Hastings)...still couldn't keep my blood pressure under control...but my baby was always fine--she was just "killing me." Sunday morning they delivered her by c-section.

    Thanks for the good wishes :) Yes they are taking mine out through my belly button! :)

  3. Marybeth,I got my gallbladder out when I was 25 and it wasn't too bad, the only part I didn't like was they gave me a drain thing that was kind of uncomfortable but the pain wasn't too bad! Of course I am compairing it to a liver transplant I had that hurt way worse than my gallbladder :) I am praying that everything goes well, which I am sure it will :)

  4. Hoping your surgery is going/has gone ok Marybeth :)

  5. I hope things will go well for you today. I have the same surgery looming before me. I hope that the lack of gallbladder pain makes the whole procedure seem more like a relief for you.

  6. Since you've had a C Section, the laparoscopic gallbladder surgery should be a cinch for you. I'm sure you sort of know what to expect.. I'm an RN and have never seen anyone have a rough time of it.
    I wanted to give you my best wishes, and my special personal hope that you have nurses with you who are as compassionate to you as you are in your kind and considerate posts and the parts of your life that you relate to your readers. :)


  7. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Surgery is scheduled for Thursday--tomorrow--and your kind words are greatly appreciated :) You all mean the world to me!!!! I'll let you know how it goes Patryska so you'll know what to expect and Lilly, you are a G-dsend to those out there, don't ever think you aren't! Blessings to you Chris!