Friday, May 14, 2010

Duggars in the White House: Could Jim Bob Do It?

We all know Jim Bob has a history in politics. Here's an interesting thought: Could Jim Bob make a run for the White House? I doubt he'd make a successful run, but it sure would be interesting to watch the race. While he does have a lot of fans out there and many people think he's an all around "nice guy" I don't see him as Presidential material--do you?

Do we elect a man to the oval office in this century who doesn't have a college degree? He didn't get elected to his own state's Senate seat.

Do we elect a man to the oval office who is that conservative? We've had conservative Presidents before, that's nothing new, but not THAT conservative. I don't think he'd be able to seriously handle conversations with governments, or even people from other religious backgrounds. Could he? Would he seriously be able to seperate church and state? Frankly I don't think he could.

As far as I know, he hasn't been out of the country, other than the trips to El Salvador--has he been to Europe? Asia? the Middle East? How can a President be taken seriously by other world leaders if he hasn't traveled the world?

Would he have the stones to send our country to war? I'm sure as a Republican he supports our troops and was behind Bush when he started the war we're in now, but if it were up to him, would he be able to make that call? Is he that strong? I only say this because he's never served in the military--granted we've had (and have) leaders that haven't served before, but those Presidents also weren't very eager to go to war either--Clinton's big war claim to fame was the Yugoslavia which isn't Yugoslavia anymore event and the other Balkans and he wasn't keen on the idea of being there. Our current leader is doing his best to undo the war we're in, not start new ones. While I'm not trying to make a political debate or discuss current or past Presidents....I'm just trying to point out that military service is usually brought up during a Presidential campaign.

Now...there are some upsides...he is a great financial manager. I have no doubt that given some time and some ability to lead, he could probably get the budget cut down to something managable. We could even get it balanced. And Michelle would put the word Lady back in First Lady. She is the epitomy of the word lady.

Some downsides, do we want the White House to be thrashed by 18 Duggar kids running amok in an historical building? Can you imagine the Secret Service nightmare of them going anywhere? Would they still want to be on TV? What would happen to Josh and Anna?

He could run as a VP with Sarah Palin. They'd make a great pair. You know I love the Duggars, but you also know I wouldn't vote for him. :)


  1. We've elected not college grads before....

    But no JimBob couldn't run for president he'd have to make compromises he wouldn't make.

    He wouldn't make it past the first convention.

  2. Oh I know, he wouldn't agree to a lot of things he'd have to agree to--makes me wonder why how he handled being in elected office to begin with. But then as President you do tend to have to be a little bit more impartial, even if you are elected by a partial ticket. He also wouldn't give up his time with family, afterall that's why he's in the real estate investing business--to be at home as much as possible.

    Someone posed the question on a message board and it got me to thinking so I posed it here. And yes we have elected non-college graduates to the White House, but it's been a VERY long time and I don't foresee it happening again any time soon.

  3. I really don't think he would win, but I do find it interesting. This post definitely gave me a smile and a few laughs (i couldnt help but laugh out of giddyness when you talked about his financial sense - he really is very frugal)

    thanks for the great post

  4. JB is the man who sold his towing business because it interuppted his dinner time with his family. Can you see the President telling his generals ' not now, it will have to wait until all 18 of our kids go to bed'?

    Seriously, JB is not the kind of person that I want to see in the white house. I want a moderate... not too far right, not too far left, not fundamentalist, not atheist, etc.

  5. Ok what bugs me the most is when I hear about "family time". JB LOVES his family time. I LOVE my family time. There are so many who LOVE family time.

    If a doctor gets a call during dinner and has to leave...does he love his "family time" any less? What are other jobs that might interrupt dinner or family time?

    I've also heard conservatives like JB mention something about "family values". So are conservatives the only ones who practice family values or LOVE family time? Sorry for getting off topic and shaking up a bee hive.

    I think JB would do well running for president...until the DEBATES. Don't think he would win because too many Americans think this poor guy is a cult leader. So not true!

  6. If a doctor gets a call during dinner and has to leave...does he love his "family time" any less? What are other jobs that might interrupt dinner or family time?
    That's why they chose not to have careers that might come between themselves and family time.

    It the choice they make, they aren't doing things because it will make them 'boatloads' of money just for money's sake. They make choices so that they have enough money so that they have family time and can survive.

  7. I don't think they disagree that other professions dislike family time any more than they do...i think they want their kids to consider that when choosing a profession, admittedly a lot of peopld DON'T consider things like that when choosing a profession, I'll admit it wasn't something I thought about when picking a career, any career..."will it keep me away from my husband and kids?" wasn't even on the list of considerations when i was in high school Careers class filling out questionaires....i just think they want their kids to have that question in their minds "hey, this job might have you out of the house more than you think it will...are you prepared for that and willing to make that sacrifice...if so, be aware of it and go for it, if not, choose something else" ....that's all they are saying...

    however i DO agree that conservatives tend to think they hold the key to the kingdom when it comes to family values and no one else is invited....i think that's crap!....everyone with a family values their family, unless of course you're an abuser, a cheater, molester..then you obviously don't value your family....they have defined family values as something specific and i find that completely unfair...

    no, Jim Bob would tank at the debates...he wouldn't make it because he hates speaking in front of crowds, but also he hates being away from his family...but i also agree he isn't a cult leader...he's too public, too loud, and too vocal--cult leaders want to recruit, take your money and suck you in...and so far he's done nothing but give things away, tell people how they live, but not how you should live, and give back all gifts sent to him...and if he was keeping his kids locked up, why does he let them travel?

  8. I feel the need to expand a bit on my last post....

    When I said it was a choice they make I meant just that a choice...

    They don't claim their choices are any better or any worse than somebody's choice. It's simply what their family chooses to do. They back up their choices with bible verses, here and there or the fact that they pray long and hard about them before they felt led by God to make those choices.

    Unlike some fundies I do know that would want EVERY ONE to make the same choices because theirs is the 'better' way or the more 'holy' way, The Duggars simply put it out there as a choice, take it or leave it, but this is what we chose to do. <<< is their attitude towards it.

    Now they may privately THINK their choice is better, and they certainly teach their children this is a better way to do things, but to people outside their family and outside their faith they assume those people are making their choices based on what those people want out of life.

    I've also never seen them condemn others for their choices, feel sorry for them possibly, try and help them certainly, but the Duggars do not force others to follow their path, simply ask that they be allowed to follow theirs...

    If that makes any sense.

  9. Cyn, I already know why they decide on certain professions. There is nothing wrong with family time. But is family time...ALL the time? Not all doctors are in it for the "boatloads" money. Not everyone thinks about a future with family and kids...when you are under 20. Are they naive and selfish for this?

    JB is doing a good job at discussing pros and cons of any situation and I think that's great. I've heard them say they would be happy with any profession their children choose. John is a volunteer fireman and I think he is SO brave for it. But that is also dangerous because you just never know...what could happen. I wonder will he quit when he gets married and has kids?? This could take away from his "family time". My point is, there are professions out there that take people from their family all the time...but it helps other families.

    I'm sure some of Josie's nurses had families at home but they were at the hospital caring for her and other babies. There are "jobs' we ALL depend on. To me sacrifices are a part of "giving" as well. :)