Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Gotta Have Faith

I haven't seen the premiere episode of Season 5, but I did read the interview the Duggars gave and saw the clip from the "Today" show. Is anyone at all surprised that they are more than willing to receive more children? Of course we aren't--those of us who have faith.

Now I'll be the first to admit that my faith is nothing like the Duggar's faith, but I will say that I have the utmost respect for them. I have respect for them the same way I have respect for my Rabbi and his family--and I don't agree with everything they teach either--but I always have respect for anyone who lives their faith so completely and wholly. They certainly do a better job than I do, than a lot of us do, and that deserves some recognition as far as I'm concerned.

Faith is a constant, yet every evolving entity. While it's true that I can only speak for myself, in watching others live theirs, I honestly believe that faith really is what gets you through the day. Faith is that extra hand helping you through the hard times and applauding you through the good times. My faith has always been like an appendage, something I only rarely have to consciously think about, because it's always there, always with me. I believe because I don't know how not to believe.

The Duggars aren't as subtle with their faith. For them it's always in the foreground. Yet while that's apparent, it doesn't appear to be something they have to work hard at. Of course we all have times of stress and weakness, but by watching them it all seems to come so naturally to them--it never appears to be something they have to work hard to reconcile. I find that admirable.

How do you feel about the Duggars expressions of faith? What does "faith" mean to you?


  1. I see a lot of people who yammer on about how Jesus blessed them and ya just gotta pray and trust and blablabla, but all it is to me is an expression of evangelicalism, not faith. They're just repeating by rote because those are the things a good christian says - and they're gonna be lifted up in the rapture for it, right? ;)

    The Duggars mostly seem to me to be genuine. They really believe this and live it out - I admire them for that. They are one of the few tv personalities who do and who are vocal about it in a sincere way. I like too that they seem to accept that not everyone is going to be held by the same convictions.

    I'm more quiet about my faith. I believe YHWH and I follow His word based on that belief and won't back down just to convenience someone else (like saturday shopping, holidays, etc) but I'm not out to thump one and all upside the head with my little pink NIV and drag them off to church to save their soul - Not my responsibility. I don't talk about it much - If something comes up I am strong in expressing what I believe, but only as it pertains to me.

  2. Faith is a very personal thing and it is difficult to truly explain it to another as it is so open to each person's interpretation thru their own experiences. Take for example how people who see the exact same thing happen always have a different interpretation of the scene as it pertains to their own memory-this is a key reason investigators in a crime seperate suspects and interview them seperately because they know that lack of differences in eyewitness accounts points to a collaborative effort to have the same alibi;many times people who are of the same religion have a different perspective on thier own faith when compared to their neighbour. Faith and religion are 2 very seperate sides of the coin, mined in the same fire but very different profiles and never the same.

    The Duggars came into my life at a time I was looking at my faith adn feeling it change and grow, I respect them greatly for the easy way they seem to hold it close to their daily lives and the fact that they know they have detractors and it does not cause them to stop being so public about it. If anyhing they have to face more scrutiny because they are so visible now and it does not change the way they present themselves. I also have a feeling that we do not see all the aspects of their beliefs as they feel more personal parts of it are not for public display such as religious services and holidays, their chairty works and their very personal conversations with thier children. It is that unshakable belief system that few people seem to have anymore;whereas this county was based very much on religious freedom as far back to 1634 with the first Act enacted in 1649 in Maryland; it is not a belief that is held dear anymore with many people detracting those who display unshakeable faith. One only has to look at the persecution the jewish people have faced thru many centuries to know that faith cannot be changed in the face of diversity, quite often it is only strengthened.

    I do not discuss my faith with many people as it has been formed over many years thru my experiences and my own scholarly pursuit; many people assume thatbecause I am look WASPy that I am a Christian. I do not beleive in that particular aspect. Jesus layed an important part in bringing God to people who believed otherwise, in that aspect I regard him as a minister/teacher. I feel many of his teachings have been misconstrued/taken out of context of the manner in which he meant them but that is the basis of my own personal faith and I do not expect othersto understand my beliefs but to tolerate them with the understanding that faith is a personal journey. I do not sunscribe to any religion as I have not found one that fits my faith, and I bieve that thre are a lot of people in my boat looking for answers but not sure where to find them because they have not looked inward to themselvs to wonder why they are looking. Faith is the very personal aspect similar to clothing while religion is the awning which blankets a great many individuals under the same cloth, preserving a larger aspect of doctrines but giving each their own personal freedoms.

    This is faith to me.

  3. I disagree with the Duggars on almost everything, from politics to religion, however I still love them and watch them 'religiously.' Pun intended. I believe in Karma...but not in reincarnation. The way I preceive Karma is what I give is what I'll receive in life. I've had many instances of this happen in my own life, both good and bad. Probably Native Americans have/had it correct basically worshiping/enjoying/loving nature.