Saturday, August 14, 2010

Duggar Engagement on The Horizon?

We've had a lot of comments from people hoping for a Duggar/Bates engagement sometime soon. I will be the first to admit that I having been hoping for that for a season or two. Here is why I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

The more I rewatch episodes from Season 4 and as I just watched the first two episodes of Season 5, I realize that there probably isn't anything serious going on between Jana or John-David and any of the Bates. Think back to when you were 20. Now compound that with the upbringing the Duggar and Bates kids have had. If you finally found the one person you were sure you were meant to be with for the rest of your life, would you be able to stand being away from them for such periods of time? Maybe you would, maybe you've learned a life of self-sacrifice in service for others. But you're also human. You feel.

I can't stop thinking about how Josh acted after he'd realized that Anna was his true love. He was basically useless in Arkansas. He visited Florida every chance he could. The Kellars came to Arkansas any chance they could. It was all about Josh and Anna and courtship. While the Duggars and the Bates have gotten together more often in the past 3-4 years than they have in the previous 15, the Duggar's move to Little Rock and the reason behind it all but stopped those visits. I believe in Season 4 (and I could be wrong, so please correct me) the families only got together once, maybe twice. Once that I can remember--when the Bates came to visit and see Josie in the hospital. Yes Jana looked a little, overcome, as she blushed everytime Zack (isn't that the oldest Bates?) was nearby, but that doesn't mean much.

Would going to Asia for 2 months be something you would actively seek out if you were head over heels the way Josh and Anna were? Again, yes you might, after all high school sweethearts go to different colleges all the time, but I really have to wonder.

I seriously believe that Jana, at least, since the trip was her idea, is taking things slow. I think she's seriously deciding what she wants to do with her life and actively seeking out experiences that will expand her horizons.

John-David, while not as vocal, seems to be leading quite a fulfilling life as well. I'd heard before that he was a volunteer fireman, but this was the first time in my memory that they've shown him in that role. That experience will definately teach him a lot and "grow him up." I do remember that a few of the Bates kids are also volunteer firemen--isn't one of the girls? Michaela?

While Josh was running his own business before he became engaged to Anna, I think that Jana and John-David are going a bit above and beyond the example that Josh set for them. I think that's good for them. I think that it's quite likely that we might see Jana in some kind of school atmosphere before we see her engaged. John-David? Perhaps he will head down the matrimony path first.


  1. They are still young so there's plenty of time. Wen Michelle was Jan's age she had been married almost 4 years. I am really not thinking straight now. Blogger sent me an email accusing me of Spam. My blogs got deleted. One of them was my Duggar blog. I can't sign in with that ID.

  2. I just found out that Zack Bates is a county commissioner. I'll look into more.

    Michelle and JB got married early because her family was moving to NC. JB didn't want her to go. Sure they would have married eventually, but not in their late teens. That's just my opinion.

    Ha Ha! Mary Beth, when did you Jana "blushing" when Zack was around? Hehe. For some reason...I think there will be a courtship that involves someone the "media" is not familiar with. Time will tell. :)

  3. He supposedly is the youngest elected ever congrats Zach...My blogs are back so I'm much better now just haven't signed in lol

  4. First off, LOVE the blog!

    Second, I dont think cortship is far off for either of these kids! I think that it is GREAT they went on this mission trip... but the way I saw the show was that Jana wanted to go, it was her idea, then after a while "john-david" decided to join her... SO when I heard that I thought "OH Janas got a cortship in the making with someone from their homeschool group" which is what the group that was on the mission trip... and John-David NEEDED to go to watch over his sister... but they probably wont air that either of them are in a cortship till they are getting engaged. Just my opinion, but I think to keep their childrens hearts safe from the whole world knowing if it didnt work out and were heart broken over it the media wouldnt know. I think the duggers do very well at normalizing their life away from the camera and what they show and dont show. I LOVE THE DUGGERS!

  5. I think a courtship will soon be announced between John David and Anna Hackel. She has been much in the company of the Duggars since at least this spring, having accompanied them both on the book tour and trip to Atlanta where Jason got hurt.

    There's also a picture of her with the Duggar girls from the 2010 ATI conference on the Duggar family picture page (from TLC, I think). Anna has lightened her hair and modernized her overall look A LOT.

    If they aren't officially courting yet (but not announced, like Josh), they will be soon, and if they ARE courting, expect an engagement announcement soon. That will give the show more material for the upcoming season, before they head to Europe in September.