Friday, August 13, 2010

Duggars on TV

We discussed, briefly, the Duggars and their TV house rules or policies. Now let's discuss the fact that the Duggars are ON television and that they make quite a nice living being on television. Many people see the fact that they limit the TV their kids watch and their kids being on a TV show as being hypocrytical. I think that's a valid belief to have, you can think that all you like. I'm really on the fence about it, however I have to say that it doesn't BOTHER me enough to choose a side. I guess I'm saying that either way, I really don't care, because I enjoy seeing their show so much that I'd rather them stay on the air.

I do think that if you understand WHY they are on a TV show, you may be a bit more accepting--at least that's why I am. I understand that they are not in this for the almighty dollar, but rather the Almighty himself. They view their opportunity to be on TV as a direct way to show the world how it's possible to a) live debt free no matter how large or family is b) successfully raise your children to be polite, productive, and helpful no matter how large your family is and c) live your beliefs openly and honestly and fully.

We aren't turning this thread into a "cash cow" discussion. Yes they make money from being on the show, and probably even more importantly, they get a lot of perks from being on the show. We know. They know. That isn't the point here. Their reasons for doing a show go much deeper than that and no matter how many times it's been said, I'll say it again: They were debt free before TLC even knocked on the door; they had the house kits bought and paid for before TLC knocked on the door. TLC is not the reason they are debt-free. Yes, they are in a better version of debt-free now, but this is America and they are free to be as capitalistic as they choose to be. That's all there is to that. Please make your comments on this in the posts about this specifically, thank you.

So...Are the Dugar's hypocrites. Tell me why they are or why they aren't.


  1. "So...Are the Dugar's hypocrites. Tell me why they are or why they aren't."


    I'd love to, but if I say the Duggars are hypocrites and give specific examples, then are you going to landblast me with how "wrong" I am?

  2. I do not think they are hypocrites. They are always who they are, cameras on or cameras off.

  3. I don't think they're hypocrites. The world came knocking on their door remember. I think they my have been flattered, when, after the first special people cuold not get enough of their family. Since their religion was part of the show the pubic could have opted out then but they didn't, the interest just seemed to grow stronger. Being captalists who would turn down the opportunity to make some good money for supporting your family down the road? If they had rejected the series offer they would have been scorned by the public for not taking upthe chance. No mtter what the duggars are open to criticism,anytime someone is in the public's eye they are free game to criticize. Having a lack of broadcast tv in their home and yet being on a series does sound strange but ask any child actor if they wtch their own movies and ost of the one who grow up normal usually did not and actually never became much of the Hollywood scene. They acted, went home and played with kids in the neighbourhood. Is it a prerequisite for them to have watched themselves? Our world seems to revolve aroun the box and anyone who does not live and die by it seems unusual to those who can't bear to eb without it for few minutes, yet only 1 genration ago it was considered wierd if you played it all day. It was kpt to a minimum becasuethere were too many other thigns to do in a day. This generation has been raised with it nonstop and look at the difference in the kds.Many are rude, disruptive, unable to think independently,oversexualized. Is it any wonder that the parent who really care about their childrens health do not allow a lot of tv?

  4. I see them as far from hypocrites -- if anything - rather than just stating the problem (there isn't much on tv that they feel is appropriate for families) they are being part of the solution (helping to create more family friendly tv).

  5. I think saying they don't subscribe to a tv service would better explain it.I never took the watched no tv just little tv never subscribe to service. Some read into it too much. TV depends on your situation. More are buying the DVD of thier favorite shows instead of subscribing to cable.

    "This generation has been raised with it nonstop and look at the difference in the kds.Many are rude, disruptive, unable to think independently,oversexualized. "
    And also over weight

  6. If they are living their beliefs honestly, then I don't understand the Duggar hypocrisy regarding the character quality of "PUNCTUALITY".

    This is the link to the official Duggar family website where they list the "character qualities" they live by:

    And yet, on their tv show, JimBob has said time and time again, they live on "Duggar Time", i.e. they aren't punctual people. He even laughs about it.

    Well, if the Duggars are on tv to be an encouragement to others, then it's difficult to believe what they "say" when it conflicts with what they "do".

    If you are going to publish a list of character qualities on a family website, then by gosh live by example on your tv show.