Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Duggars and TV

I've written a little bit about this topic before, but it was a long time ago, and now it seems appropriate to revisit the topic. I say that because I was finally able to watch the first 2 episodes of the new season last night and I caught something that some may not.

When most people write of the Duggars, and I'm sorry to say this but it's usually the anti-Duggars--but not always, they write of the Duggars not watching any TV. This just isn't true, and the Michelle even said it in the into during the first and maybe second season. "We watch VERY LITTLE TV..." Not no TV, but very little TV. I believe what she is referring to here is BROADCAST television--shows currently on the air. Many many times we've heard them talk about videos and DVDs they allow their kids to watch. Frankly I believe they do what we do...they have no cable or satellite service and only watch things through a VCR/DVD player. My husband and I take it to the next level wherein we both catch up on our favourite shows on-line (19 Kids and Counting, for example--thank you for posting them TLC.)

I will be the first to admit that as parents we are not as restrictive as the Duggars. My daughter watches kid DVDs of the standards--Blue, Dora, Little Einsteins, Ruby and Max, Builder Bob, etc. I'm sure most of those aren't seen at the Duggar's. She's also been exposed to the TV and movies that my husband and I enjoy. Funny or sad, she does start singing "men men men men" when she sees any picture of Charlie Sheen.

So why am I bringing this up now? Like I said, something I noticed when I watched John-David and Jana staying up all night to avoid jet lag--never works for me by the way. John-David mentioned that they watched a few westerns. This reminded me that the Duggars do watch some TV that isn't necessarily Christian based. I have no doubt that John Wayne movies are allowed. They are also rumoured to have the entire run of "Andy Griffith" on dvd. So there is some that's definately allowed. I'd say it's allowed but not encouraged. Of course it's far more healthy for the kids to be running and playing and using their minds rather than sitting in front of a TV screen. And yes, my child should be too. Honestly, I think having so many kids makes limiting TV much easier--if my child had siblings to play with she probably wouldn't watch as much as she watches.

We'll discuss the Duggars BEING on TV tomorrow :)


  1. In my home we do not have broadcast nor cable/sateelite TV either.I felt the deer in the headlights look was not desirable for my kids they have big blue eyes as it is! We do have a large collection of movies/shows/musicals that we like and prefer to keep certain extreme violence from our kids as real life can be violent enough, no need to desensitize them to it. My DH is a lover of John Wayne and I must admit I am coing to enjoy a lot of his movies myself(Quiet Man is one of my faves).Wholesome movies and educational ones seem to be the Duggars faves and who can blame them? I remember a time when that was a large aspect ofwhat was on TV whichh has changed drastically for the worse, with backstabbing/mind stuporing reality shows becoming the norm. Nowadays it is very hard to find any real morality or religious theme in any mainsream show, to me it seems almost a deliberate deletion of that part of our society; you won't even find a child innocently mention God on a TV show, yet the stripping away of good basic common sense seems like a deliberate action to create a discord that is breaking the fabric of all personal relationships. Kids are taught in public schools that their parents are not smart enough to teach them anything so thereby parents must be stupid. Little girls dress in some pretty gaudy ways an seem to think sex at a young age is ok but try to lecture morality and yu get reemed by those around you. Sex is not a dirty word but virginity is. Peopls are fascinated by the Duggarsbecause they sem to beliving in a bygone era but because society says we have to do it this way and that way it is bad and ignorant to shield your kids from the vagrancies of other people? I tend to disagree. Children do not need to be exposed to more than their brain can handle it is common sense that until a child has a good sense of self you don't teach them to throw themselves off a cliff because they don't understand they are not invincible and they can't fly. Kids are being taught all about sex in the movies but do not understand how sex can affect their psyche and health if participated in too early. Sexual awareness without sense of self worth leads to catastrophe. I do not think the Duggars kids are unaware of sex, i am sure they have a pretty good grasp on it by their teens but they have been taught self awarenessand respect for themselves and others; after all their mom is asked enough questions about their sex life I cannot for the life of me think the older kids are ignorant!

    As for thier tv vs play time. I fell into the trap of alowing my eldest watch too much tv and not enough playtme outside or with games-my DH suffered from the same attitude with his mother. My 2 youngest did not get a tv swithced on for them and both are more active outside and with games and books, history, their thought processes are less scattered especially my youngest who got the least amount of tv exposure. I turned the satelite off after the 3 Duggar special and began homeschooling not long after. Once you turn off the box your thinking changes !I have seen the largest improvement in my DH although he still finds tv shows on the internet and still watches too muvch tv in my mind.

    TV reflects our society and quite often shapes our thoughts thru our watching it.If a family wants their children to be children int he truer sense of the word they will restrict their exposure to the TV as a lot of undesriable content is shown on it.Can we blame anyone for wanting their kids to havetime to just bekids?

  2. I bet they do have things like Veggie tales, and several of the videos I sold on eBay, "Davey and Goliath", and Bibleman, and things of that nature for the kids... But again who wants to sit in front of small TV screen with 8 other brothers and sisters trying to see when you could be outside, on the climbing wall, playing pool, playing foosball, and all the other hundreds of things they can be doing...

    BTW the Duggars also have video games... just not the kind that hook up to the TV, I saw at least 1 of the Arcade versions in their play room...

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  4. To address something Celtic Morla said - that no one mentions God on tv anymore just isn't true at all. There was an episode of Glee a couple weeks ago that was all about God and religion and portrayed both believers and non-believers in a positive and realistic way.

    Touched by An Angel ran not too long ago and is still in wide syndication. History Channel and PBS show religious-themed programming a lot. The difference I think today is that television addressed religion in a way it never could before, asking questions and seeking answers and examining faiths besides just Christianity. I think it's a good thing and big step to understanding each other in this multicultural society, just like how the Duggar family shows us their way of life and beliefs.