Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where's Jana? -- The Conspiracy Theories Abound

Lately there's been lots of wondering "Where's Jana?" She's barely noticeable in the background and not talking much at all on the show. Do we know why? No. Do we have ideas and theories? Heck yeah! Among the blogs there are dozens and here are just a few:

a) She has survivor's guilt and is taking Josie's being in the NICU very very hard
b) She is engaged and because of Josie's premature birth is unable to announce her engagement and show her happiness, therefore is keeping a low profile; also sad that she's far from her intended--also there was a big "to-do" over Josh's engagement and now her's is on the back burner because of Josie and she's sad/guilty over that as any newly engaged girl would be
c) She's 20 (?) and as an adult can legally decide how much time she wants to be on camera and has made the decision to pull back and not do the show as much
d) She just has PMS and that's that
e) She's suffering from depression from having to care for all her younger siblings and it's getting to her and she's about to snap (that was posted by someone on one of the blogs who doesn't particularly like the Duggar family way of life)
f) She misses the kids she bonded with in her volunteer work back home in Springdale and is homesick and doesn't like "camping out" in the new home

and finally my new theory....

Back when Josh and Anna got engaged and Jim Bob and Michelle and a few of the older girls were watching the video of him proposing on the computer, JB commented off-handedly that he gets a lot of emails from all over from guys offering to marry his daughters. I believe it was Jinger who jokingly mentioned most of them were from "creeps" or some other equally derogatory word. I'm wondering if Jana is purposly being kept off camera because she's getting too much unwanted attention from someone through email on their website or through the TLC website blog, or some other way.

The Duggars do not make themselves hard to find. They show on TV exactly where they live both in Springdale and in Little Rock and practically invite people to come visit them and share worship services. While in theory I understand Jim Bob's reasoning for doing this from a Christian missionary standpoint, from a parenting safety standpoint it's unfathomable. Yet when you realize that these people don't have TV in their home and don't watch themselves on TV--even when they watch the show they watch it on the computer so it's still not "tv" and they still don't "get it." It's as if they don't quite understand that millions of people know exactly where they live all the time.

But again, it's just another theory. We have no idea why Jana is a no show. Jinger I believe has mentioned she doesn't like doing the interviews. You can tell some kids are more comfortable in front of the camera than others, which is normal, some ham it up and some just sit there and nod.

So what's your theory? And is this family safe?


  1. This post almost had me pee in my pants I was laughing so hard. Im going with the PMS having been married a few times and having a daughter!
    Marybeth you should write a novel, great writer!

  2. MaryBeth you are so crazy! I can't stop laughing. I don't Jana enjoys being questioned. This is the reason why I think the girls "jumped ship" during the questions episode. The older kids are very aware that others find their family very odd. I love watching their show! Yeah, I think they are a little odd...but that is what I enjoy about them.

  3. i never really thought about the creeps that must write in asking to marry their daughters. jana is definitely one of the prettiest and i can see her possibly being embarassed by that fact. if guys really are wrting them letters and stuff.

    but she has still appeared. i think lately the show has just really been focusing on the younger ones in general, and not putting as much focus on the older ones, which i think is a shame. the older ones show more of how the kids have all grown and matured.

  4. I think she's just really shy. it's not really a big mystery.