Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Josh and Anna: A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle

Josh is one of those guys you just sometimes want to smack, but can't. He was the guy in high school that told the lame jokes that weren't funny that you were embarassed for and you wanted to crawl under your desk just to get away from the on-going discussions of whatever it was he and his friends were talking about.

Josh really does have some potential. He unfortunately is Jim Bob 2.0. I am not sure that's a bad thing, except that he's not really taking the best qualities of Jim Bob, he's taking the smarmy, lame qualities of Jim Bob instead. He's the carsalesman/Politician huckster mug-for-the-camera (where as Jim Bob will admit that he actually is quite nervous when it comes to public speaking, former State Rep or not) kind of guy instead of the morally just and proud father making sure everything is running smooth Jim Bob 1.0. Wow I really hope that paragraph made sense.

I really do think Josh wants to follow in his father's footsteps. From the early days of the 1 hour specials when he was a mid-late teen he said he was interested in politics and thought of law school. He's a definate republican and active in the electoral process since following his dad to the capitol all those years ago. He is also starting with the car business just like his dad did, he's starting by marrying young, just like his dad did. Let's hope he's staying debt free, just like his dad is now.

Of all the Duggar children I think the TV show is affecting Josh the most. I think he's the hungriest for fame. I don't think he wants Paris Hilton fame--he probably doesn't know who she is--I think he wants to use his name recognition to one day get him into the state house just like his dad. He may start with city council and work his way up---but of all of them--he's the camera fiend. Afterall, he was the one that built the audio/visual studio in the new house and filmed everything. He even got some credits on the documentaries--at least one.

As for Anna, she's a hard read. For someone who has lead such a sheltered life, she adapted REALLY well to being on camera, interviewed, and giving birth to a nation of fans. That surprised me. Seriously, how does that happen? We've seen where she came from, where she grew up, and now she's on TV and not even a blush or a stutter. Of all of them, she's impressive! She just walked right in and made herself at home. Good for her! And for having a baby so soon, with the world's most famous mom as her mother-in-law, that has to be intimidating--she has a great teacher to go to, yet she probably thinks she also has her watching her every misstep as well. You'd think Josh would know everything about babies, yet he's goofed a few things up on camera too. It's nice though, show's his human side.

One thing I do think is funny is that people on the blogs are always complaining how she's always sitting on his lap, or they are always holding hands and always kissing. Are they kidding? Both of these kids were raised in homes that discouraged dating (didn't forbid) but these two chose not to kiss until they got married and chose not to date until they were engaged. Frankly now that they're allowed to touch each other all they want, we're lucky they aren't publicly mounting each other!

I'm not sure where these two are headed. Sometimes I think Josh is jockeying for a show of his own when his family's show ends. Why else would his car business be such a low priority? The hours they are open are something like 10-5 M-Sat I think someone posted on a msg board. They either get a stipend from TLC because they are over 18 or he saved a bunch of money from work he did before he got married and is living of dividends.

Like I said, a mystery wrapped in a riddle. Any thoughts? Ok other than he's gotten a little fat....


  1. you crack me up! I think he definately wants to run with the celebrity ball. why not? I always wonder about them making their ends meat. One show, they talked about living off of comission and how they had to budget. I am sure they are frugal like the senior Duggars as well. Also, I thought Josh stated that he and Anna live in a house that ... See Morehad been in the family. If I remember correctly, the old Duggar house was bulldozed....right? Maybe this one was grandma Duggar's. In that case, they don't need THAT much to live on...maybe a few hundred a week....and I am sure they definately have a contract that pays them something from TLC. When people are budgeters, their salary goes A LOT further(farther?....I can never remember)
    After a few years of marriage, Josh and Anna are sure to chill on the affection ;) I think it is great that they are so into each other.
    BTW, car dealership late (he is not a morning person), rest on Sunday (the Lord's Day)...maybe? ....which is funny because the Lord's day is REALLY Saturday, but what the heck it got changed with all of those other important days.

  2. I like Josh and Anna. But Josh puts his foot in his mouth a lot. I got so irritated with him one time I even wrote TLC. I LOVE the Duggars but I could not take Josh talking about how a marriage is supposed to work and other things of that nature. At this time he and Anna had not been married a year yet. I know he has a wonderful example of marriage in his parents but every marriage is different. Also I don't think that anyone who has been married for only a few months can give marriage advice to anyone. Now I know that they have been married for over a year now but that still irks me. Thank God he stopped. I don't know about anna. I like her, but I am not sure exactly what to think yet. I don't think she did that well with the cameras around in the beginning, but now she is and old pro. You also have to remember that there is a lot of footage that we don't get to see. So she might not be that great all the time. As for their finances I really think that they get something from TLC for letting them come into their home. Their house was a rental house for his grandparents so I am sure that it is paid for. I don't know if he is renting it from them or if it was a gift. I have noticed that Josh is wearing a lot of newer shirts (most of them way too tight)so I don't think he is as frugal as his father. As for him going into politics he has A LOT of work to do! I cringe at the thought of him giving a speech right now. All in all I like Josh(as long as he is not trying to give advice) and Anna I think they are an adorable couple and will probably be great parents.

  3. I posted this on another blog, but no one responded. Since the younger boys have no outlet for their sexual urges, is it defrauding for Josh and Anna to have so much open sexual behaviors in front of them? Sitting on laps, kissing etc. Poor guys, they can't even hold a girls hand or see her leg, but watch a brother doing foreplay in front of them

  4. I saw that comment and you think it's because they are happily married and therefore something to "aspire" to? They are setting an example? I mean their parents are always kissing and holding hands too. I think the only reason Michelle doesn't sit on Jim Bob's lap all the time is that she's always pregnant! Plus they are "family" and even thinking that way about family is something so ....unthinkable...that it doesn't even come into question?

  5. Somehow I feel like there is a lot of tension between Josh and Anna. I have felt that for a long time. I think Anna worships Josh, but Josh misses his duggar family life and has taken married life a little bit hard. Anna is MUCH more worldly and Josh doesn't know how to relate. I can't give examples, I just feel it sometimes when watching them interact!

  6. I think Anna was very shy at first. She struggles with her words sometimes. But I think Michelle has made her feel accepted and more confident. Wouldn't it be nice if more young men and women had there morals, and were so responsible. Most kids today, at there age could care less about respect, and honoring adults.Josh may be over zealous at times. But he's trying and really wants to make his dad proud. It's a rare quality these days:-)