Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is #19 a Sign that Enough is Enough

There has been much speculation in the blogging world that they pushed their luck and this is a "sign from G-d to stop." Since there have been no quotes in the media from Michelle's doctors about her health regarding any chance of future pregnancies, we don't know what her future holds.

What we DO know is that their faith in G-d hasn't changed and that they still believe it's up the G-d to decide what will happen. Do you think they will take this as a sign and take a break? Do you think it's possible she's had so much damage that she's probably incapable of more pregnancies? Do you think they are even focused on that right now?


  1. Pre-eclampsia is something that just happens. Michelle had it with Jana and John-David. It doesn't follow that it's going to happen again just becauuse she had it this time. I think that if they trust in The Lord then a, they will listen for guidance from Him in the matter and b, trust that if He creates life then it's part of His plan. At the same time I do understand that for each couple its different. Some people are not in a place where they can give complete control of their life to God, some people can. I love that the Duggars really don't seem to judge when others don't share the same convictions as them.

  2. I think that They will continue to allow god to control how many children they have. God will take care of them

  3. Speaking as a person who had pre-eclampsyia with her first and only pregnancy, I can say from experience it was scary. However, I was never worried about my child. I think I felt more concern for my own health, just because what the doctors kept telling me "your child is fine, your child is fine, YOU on the other hand are not." They basically performed the c-section because my cute little muppet was killing me! (said with proper Jewish mother guilt hahaha) I was also told afterwards that just because it happened once it doesn't mean it will happen again and not to "fear" it. I even asked the nurse, while I was still numb from the waist down with the spinal block after the birth, how soon I could get pregnant.

    So hopefully someday there will be another little bundle of joy in our house, however if there isn't we're perfectly blessed. We believe G-d gives us what we need and what we can handle. He's given us so much OTHER stuff to handle that I can certainly see why a baby hasn't entered the picture lately :)

  4. How do people who leave it up to a god, because "god" will only give you what you can handle, explain all the children who are given to child abusers? And to people who can not afford to feed or cloth their children? And all the millions of children around the world, who are suffering from grave illnesses? Those who are given children who are raped and murdered and orphaned by all of the above? Some of those are true believers.

  5. Let me first say, I'm not a Christian, so I can't answer you from the Duggar perspective, other than to tell you what I think they may tell you--and that is G-d knows the world isn't perfect. Everything you see around you is something you are supposed to learn from. You are supposed to count your blessings and do everything you can to help others, which is probably why they are raising their kids to have "servants' hearts."

    From a Jewish perspective, I can tell you that the world is what it is. There are Jews and non-Jews and we all believe what we believe. We all have to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. Why doesn't Hashem clean the world of evil and make everything perfect? Because that's what Heaven is. You do what you can to help those around you, you see something being done wrong and you try to correct it.

    The Duggars do try to help...they volunteer in El Salvador, a few of the girls do volunteer work with children in Springdale. Now that they have Josie I'm sure they will do volunteer work (more so now) with the hospital and with any special care needs she'll have to bring awareness to preemies.

    I see it as examples of Hashem showing us ways we can be better people, ways we can help, ways we can learn and ways we can change the world. Everything you see as bad, I see as a learning experience. It's all in perspective and how you choose to handle it.

  6. If god is showing you better ways, he still giving a great many people, more than they can handle. And isn't it strange, he usually gives it to poor people, uneducated people, and to people in poor countries. I see Christian friends, thanking god for good things that happen to them, such as getting a new car But sort of giving god a pass on unfavorable things, like their house being in foreclosure or getting a cancer.
    I know that some people need some one to pray to. I think some people need to get off of their knees and be more proactive about their lives.

  7. Like I said, I'm not a Christian, but from what I understand, they believe He made this world imperfect for a reason, waiting for the return of their saviour to make it better. I have no explanation for why some countries are worse off than others, but it's usually caused by man vs. man ...something we can learn from ourselves--another lesson from Hashem perhaps? And a reason why so many Christian missionaries are out there helping in those countries?

    Bad things happen to everyone, the amount of money in your bank account doesn't matter---rich people suffer horrible hardships too. Just as the poor and uneducated have wonderful things happen to them everyday--it's called counting your blessings.

    If you want to make yourself feel better do what I did, stop looking at what others are doing with or without their spiritual lives and worry about your own--you'll only drive yourself nuts! (I dated a Baptist and it nearly drove me insane the hypocrisy I saw)