Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is TLC the "Big Bad Wolf?"

I've always contended that the Duggars would be debt-free even if TLC had never come a knockin'...since they were living debt-free for years before TLC showed up. But since they decided to do a 30-minute weekly program, their lifestyle has changed a little bit--more trips, visits, etc. But we are still led to believe that they are living by their same old maxim of "buy used, save the difference."

I maintain that their core value system has remained the same while they are enjoying their good fortune. I think that's possible. You don't have to turn into the Gosslins or fall into the televangelist's trap of the '80s. The Duggars maintain that they are on the air soley to encourage others by showing that you can live debt free while living a Christ-centered life. At his core, Jim Bob is a carsalesman/Politician and now a real estate agent so he is a businsessman and is always on the hunt for a new deal. They live off that income. From what I understand TLC is paying them nothing close to what they paid the Gosslins because they film them no where near as much as they filmed the Gosslins--no where near the episodes.

We have also noticed product placements in the show, some obvious (Michelle and I blieve Jana talking to the camera while lamely wiping a cabinet with Swiffer products showing--and using Swiffer floor sweepers) and others that may or may not be paid endorsements (a lot of Gap clothing has been seen lately as well as aeropostle.) There was some debate over whether Josh was wearing a Christian version saying "our apostle" that sells quite inexpensively, but in a recent episode it was quite obviously aeropostle and also american eagle.

Now he could have bought them second hand, we don't know. They also could have been provided for product placement. Another option is that this family appears in A LOT of photo shoots for magazines and a lot of TV show inteviews where clothing is provided. It's possible the clothes are a perk they get to keep. Who knows?

So, is TLC bringing this family down in their moral values, keeping them at an even keel, helping them to help others, or helping them to line their own pockets and reap the rewards of a capitalist system? Or maybe a little of each depending on the day.


  1. I think they are using any and all money TLC is paying them to buy up properties while the slump is going on....

    Case in point the new 'church' is in a building they just bought. And since he only pays CASH for the properties JimBob and clan will be sitting just fine when and if TLC goes away.

    Again JimBob is nothing if not a savvy business man.

  2. I agree with Cyn here. I think very little of what they are making from TLC goes into day to day living. They aren't living that much more expensively than before. My guess would also be that the money is being invested, probably in real estate - it is going unbelievabley cheap out here right now. We just bought a foreclosed on property for $15,000.00. 7 acres of land on the edge of town with a 4 bedroom 3 bath, 2600 square feet. Of course it had been "stripped" but with some work it will once again be a beautiful house. The point is there are good buys out there right now and Jim Bob has the funds to take advantage of them. My guess is that he will bring his sons up to be entrepreneurs like himself. Millie