Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where Am I?

Once again I have to apologize for my absence. The excuses remain pretty much the same. The biggest reason I haven't written anything lately has to do with....I haven't been able to watch the show for the past two seasons. I haven't seen any episodes since they were in Little Rock--Season 4. So without much material,I don't have a lot of things to say.

We've also been traveling a lot....real life is getting in the way. As I previously posted we were in Israel for the month of October, we have been in the Pacific Northwest most of November and December, and then my husband surprised me with a trip to London for our fifth anniversary in February (also my birthday.)

I've also just about finished the rough draft of another novel and it's getting ready for it's first cold read, so most of my writing time is devoted to that, and with my daughter just having turned four, I don't get much writing time.

But occassionally something with come to mind and I'll write about it. Once again, topic suggestions are more than welcome.

And for the anonymous poster asking if I'm the one who "stirred up the drama on that fb page" you'll have to be more specific and be a bit less anonymous.

Oh yes, and of course most of the blame is still being lain at Edward's feet.


  1. She's alive!! Glad you are well and enjoying your travels.

    The Duggar season is almost over. You have a lot of catching up to do. Well, nothing exciting has been going on.

    -A few weeks ago everyone had a hissy because the girls wore flip flops in the jungle.
    -Joy took a "train ride" for her 13th b-day.
    -Josie is ADORABLE and chubby...but her family insists on putting these HORRIBLE fake pig tails on her head.
    -Anna is having a boy and Josh had to relocate the business at the very very last minute...or at least it appeared that way.
    -Oh and the Bates visited again.

    I'll let the other fans fill you in on the rest, because I know I left some stuff out. :)

  2. is it just me or have the past 2 seasons been really really short?

  3. My gosh, you have to catch your self up when you have some time! I am a new follower of yours, as my new obsession is the Duggars... I don't know why, they just fascinate me, and I tell EVERYONE. I first caught your blog a couple weeks ago when I typed into google "why do the Duggars have so many kids?", and there you were. I have now created my own hideously boring blog, but at least this way I can follow you and get me some edumication.

    You are truly enlightening! Loves it!

  4. Marybeth to watch the shows all you have to do is go to wikipedia and look up the episodes, then look for them on youtube, they are all there.

    They run usually about 2-3 weeks behind, but you're about 20+weeks behind you have time to catch up.

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention that Jessa turned 18 and there have been only 30 minute segments this past season. Yes, I think the seasons are getting shorter.

  6. Unless TLC is purposely trying to undermine the Duggars, they need to go back to the hour episodes instead of the half hour programs that seem chopped up, boring and leave us wondering, 'so what happened?' The episodes are obviously out of order, as well. If this was the first season that I watched the Duggars, I would have stopped after the second show. Yes, I have written and stated my opinion to TLC. Apparently they don't care enough to answer.

  7. hart&amp....I kind of agree with you...i too get the sense that the shows aren't necessarily shown in any kind of order and unless you buy the DVD set you don't necessarily see it because you can watch it over and see the "errors" that aren't really errors, just events not shown in calendar order.....whenever anyone asks "what's your favourite episode" i always say the original 1 hours specials because those seemed to show the REAL family...because it really was just a documentary crew showing up on a random day without any special plans in it's a famous family that gets invited all over the country and has a tv crew following them...that's not a "real" life...but i admit, the last season i saw was season 4 when they were in Little Rock....i've missed the past 2--we don't have TV and no, i don't have the desire to go surfing through youtube looking for them...i'm more enthrawled with Top Chef on itunes and my novel just got through with its first cold read so i have a rough edit to begin :) ....sorry but as much as i love the Duggars and their life and right to live it, i'm kind of over them