Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not Really Duggaring

I've kind of said this repeatedly, but I haven't had much to say about the Duggars lately and the big reason is: I don't get to watch the show anymore. We don't have cable/satellite and TLC doesn't post the shows on their site. And no, I'm not surfing through You Tube hunting for the episodes, because frankly I'm not THAT desperate to watch them. I've noticed the past season or so in what I have seen that they all seem to be the same. Nothing new, nothing interesting---same old, same old.

Part of it is that I have changed as well, as you may have seen from the new picture on the blog. No longer covering my hair and no longer wearing long skirts. Hello legs! We aren't attending an Orthodox temple anymore and have gone in a more Reform direction in our Judaism only because of where we live and what's available for our daughter. I was also raised Reform while my husband was raised Orthodox we're sort of meeting in the middle--where the Jews are attending en masse.

My choice to uncover my hair was actually a subconscious one that I noticed when we got back from our month in Israel. One day I realized it wasn't covered when I was out running errands and didn't think about why. When I really did consider it, other than I'd just rushed out and forgotten, it had to do with how I was perceived while we were in Israel. "Oh you're Orthodox, judging by the way you dress, so you'll want to live in this neighbourhood...." (we were on our pilot trip for making Aliyah--emigration)....and that just bothered me. No, we'll pick a neighbourhood based on price, if it's close to amenities, school, job, transportation, etc. We're all Jews here, do we still have to sub-divide ourselves up? Apparently so.

I guess it's like that for Christians too. Someone told me there are 33,000 different denominations of Christian belief systems. You don't just believe that Christ died for your sins, apparently it's how he died and who did it and how you go about spreading the word and living the gospel? No idea. Clearly Christianity isn't all equal. But then what religions are--Muslims aren't either, you have Suni, Sufi, Shi' one ever agrees do they?

As I've also said I have other projects going on. My novel is in it's second edit (w00 h00) and almost ready for it's second cold read. We're getting ready to put our daughter into Hebrew School, both my husband and I have been dealing with various and assorted illnesses that while his are nearly fatal mine are merely annoying. So that's why the blog seems to have gone by the wayside.

Truth be told I think I've said all I can say about them. As they continue on I think they are losing some of their credibility for me and their genuineness. Their young children aren't learning the lessons in thrift their older children learned because they don't have to be as thrifty as they once were. And that's great--they are making a good living, but their kids are losing out on those budgetary lessons that are necessary because when those younger kids grow up and move out they'll need them--they won't be rich like mommy and daddy, unless of course there are savings accounts being set up for them. But I still think Jim Bob and Michelle should be passing down those lessons they keep teaching us.

I also think the longer the older children stay living at home with the smaller children in the same weird. I don't care if they say they like it. It's weird. I don't believe at all that they are forbidden to go to college, I think they are more interested in what's best for the family's TV show and don't want to a spectacle at their local college. Would you want everyone staring at you in class because you're on TV? Kind of ruins the experience for you.

So there you have it.


  1. i can definitely understand what you mean. i still think the girls are great examples when it comes to fashion etc but i can still understand what you mean about the little ones not really knowing the benefit of a tight budget etc. it will most likely hurt them when they are older. but like i said, i still enjoy seeing the clothes the older duggar girls are wearing and how they are incorporating modern styles with their desire for modesty. but i usually just go to the family website and check out their photos on their for fashion ideas :-)

    also, i am happy you guys are comfortable in your faith. if reform makes you happy and you still feel a closeness with God, then all the power to you!! hope you and your family are doing well

  2. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for the reason the Duggars don't eat Pork (thank you for the explanation by the way). I haven't watched all their shows since the beginning (I did see their first two or three specials--but after that I didn't have cable until this past year) but I have been watching them this year. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I think they ARE still teaching their kids to be frugal. In an episode back in June "Duggars hit the Slopes" they shopped at a thrift store for snowsuits, hats, gloves and goggles for the kids. They spent around $300 I think (don't remember the exact number) for all the kids. The pop-up said that they would have spent $5000 on the same equipment if bought new. So they are still shopping at thrift stores and talking about saving money.

    In another episode recently (Duggar campout) they camped out in the backyard. They talked about how much money they were saving by camping in the back yard instead of traveling somewhere to do it. I thought it was a little silly since they go everywhere in a big RV and are technically camping out then, but I couldn't argue they were saving money (and telling their kids they were saving money) by setting up the tents in the backyard.

    I will agree with you that the kids get to do SO MANY things that the average american kid doesn't--they are clearly living a good upper middle class life getting to travel all over and do things like sky diving for their birthday--things most kids in America won't have the chance to do. But since they're not going into debt to do all that I don't see anything wrong with it. I guess it's not boring to me to watch since I didn't see their first few seasons (the show after the specials aired).

    I also wanted to mention that I saw an episode where Jana talked about how she was taking college classes online to be a nurse. I don't remember which episode it was but she IS going to college. You may be right though about her not wanting to go to a college campus and have everyone staring. The older kids (with the exception of Josh) have been on the show less often and I think it's because they want their privacy. I respect the family for not forcing them to be in the spotlight all the time during a time in their live when they are trying to decide what to do with their lives. Afterall, how many college freshmen change their major after the first year? I don't remember the statistics but I remmember learning that a good chunk of people change their minds about career plans once they are in college or once they intern in their chosen line of work. It's a big enough pressure (in my opinion) having family and friends constantly ask what you are going to do with your life without having the entire world wondering and criticizing you for still living at home in your early 20's. Now if they are still living at home, single and not working when they are 30 something's wrong. Then I will agree with you that it's weird. Right now I think it's all part of them saving money (they don't have to pay for dorms and meals plans if they live at home) and keeping some privacy for their older kids.

    I'm glad you have moved on to other things for your writing, but also wanted to thank you for keeping this blog up. I learned a lot just by reading the opposing viewpoints. Best wishes to you in your writing endeavors.