Saturday, January 15, 2011

Duggars and Guns: Starring John-David as Rambo

So there's a picture posted of John-David holding a few guns and a pistol in his pocket. Ok don't correct me as to the type of guns he's holding, because I have no clue as to what they were or what the differences are. I'm no expert. I don't even know if the actually shot bullets. I did see the picture and it didn't look fake. There was a young man standing with him and he has been identified as an Indonesian exchange student--he was also holding a gun.

Now let's get my personal views out of the way first. I am not anti-gun. I don't own any guns and never have, but I don't have a problem with legal and responsible gun ownership. I also have no problem with hunting. In fact, with the Duggars living in rural Arkansas, it's always surprised me that hunting wasn't more a part of their frugal lifestyle in filling their freezers with meat for their growing family. They even joked about a deer stand when building their house in one of the 1 hour specials before they had their own permanent show. So there you go, it doesn't bother me if the Duggars have guns.

Here is what surprised me about the picture itself: the pose. I was a little surprised to see John-David with the Rambo-style pose. After all, he really shouldn't know who Rambo is, right? And it wasn't a very peaceful or loving pose either. Even for a hunter, it didn't seem right to me. It just seemed odd. That's the best way I can explain it and I'm still not sure if it's coming out right. If he'd been casually posing with a dozen guns it wouldn't have been stranger than that pose.

And there it is. The only thing I find strange about the entire picture or situation is the pose.


  1. I think JD might have been trying to be "serious" or "sexy"...or something. Then again, I can't imagine a Duggar trying to be sexy. I have no issues with the guns. We just saw a preview of the new season, and one of the girls are clearly shooting a small hand gun! I seriously can't wait to SEE that... and of course see what "people" will have to say. This all is going to be very interesting. ;)

  2. I saw this picture a few days ago, and there was a little writeup accompanying it on the site I saw it on. It quoted Jim-Bob was saying the boys were heading out for target practice, but in the photo the guns were unloaded. He went on to insist that they are all standard firearms purchased in a licensed gun shop, and that all the older boys have been properly trained in gun safety and are always supervised when handling guns. Thats fine and well, but I personally would not feel comfortable having all those guns in a house with so many small children. Even securely locked up, I would feel uneasy about it. But thats just me.

    Anyway, I do agree, since you mentioned it, that the pose does look rather strange. If I didn't know who they were and saw them posing like that, I'd be a wee bit frightened of them!

  3. Is it possible to get a link up because I haven't seen the photo and I'm curious about this pose. :-). Not having seen the photo, I'm wondering if maybe they were trying to be goofy. They have probably seen a copy of the movir at a store or something and thought doing a pose like that would be humorous. Plus, from my understanding, JB and Michelle seem to be ok with whatever choices their children make, as long as it doesn't affect the others or they are legally old enough to make the decision. So maybe it was something John David watched on his own without his parents? They only seem to limit what they see in the house and advise them for what to do outside the house. The kids may make different choices in what to watch when mom and dad and little siblings are not around. Now, this is all speculation of course as we have no real way of knowing. But my bet is on it probably being something they thought would be funny to do. Whether they realized what rambo is or not.

  4. @ Rebecca - here is the link.

  5. By quoting Rambo we are showing our ages LOL....

    It's a 'gangsta pose' I laughed till I cried when I saw it. Two redneck wanna be's posing for the camera. It was a hoot.... well till to went round the internet it 80 days.... oh wait does that date me too?

  6. Oh ugggggggggg Marybeth why ever did you let that through LOL something mangled when I copied and pasted it to the site. and Shame on me for not checking before I hit 'publish'.

    "It's a 'gangsta pose' I laughed till I cried when I saw it. Two redneck wanna be's posing for the camera. It was a hoot.... well till to went round the internet it 80 days.... oh wait does that date me too?"

    Was SUPPOSED to say:
    "Two redneck wannabes posing for the camera. It was a hoot...

    Well, till it went around the internet in 80 days ... oh wait does that date me too?"

    I think it makes more sense.