Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Duggar Drought: I Blame Edward

I received and anonymous post today, telling me it was a shame that I haven't been updating lately. I do apologize. There are a few reasons. Some of them are quite valid and some not so much. But since I've always been nothing but rather violently honest with you, I'll share them.

First of all, as I've said before, we don't have TV service of any kind so since TLC didn't post the shows, I didn't get a chance to watch this past season, except for the first couple that they did post and one or two I was lucky enough to see while visiting my parents. So because I didn't see an entire season, I was kind of without new material to work with. If you go down the blog history you'll see that even with new material we've repeated subjects a few times regardless.

Now I know that this blog isn't reliant on the show itself, but I admit it helps with inspiration on subject matter. It also helps keep them in the forefront of my mind. The past few blog topics came straight from the groups I'm involved with on Facebook where topics get bantered about so I get inspired to write about them further. But since the season has ended, we haven't been talking so much Duggar as other stuff that doesn't seem so relevant to this blog.

Secondly, my life has gotten in the way a bit. We've been doing a great bit of travel lately and we're going to be doing a little bit more. As I posted, we spent a month living abroad in Israel and I wasn't able to post while we were there. And then we were traveling back and forth between home and my parent's house (about 630 miles) for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And while doing both those trips we added additional trips to Seattle to visit my best friend from Jr. High and her family (both times) so that extended each of those trips. It just seems like I haven't been home since September. And now we're leaving again in a few weeks to visit my parents AGAIN, because we're leaving for London, England to celebrate our Fifth wedding anniversary (and both our birthdays.) So, as you can see, I seem to be flitting about the globe and the Duggars don't seem to be my main focus.

Third of all, we're contemplating a move, which is what all this travel is about. We want desperately out of the state of California and therefore we are doing all of this travel in hopes of finding somewhere we might like better. Jobs, business, family, etc. just seem to be getting in the way. I'm also in the first stage editing process of my second novel. (I never published the first one, but I don't want to negate it just because it did get completed.) This one, however does have merit and I do plan to see it through to the end, so that's taken most of my writing focus when I get any.

And finally, probably the most embarrassing, I accidentally read the Twilight books and found myself utterly enchanted with Edward and blame him for my complete lack of focus since last May.

So, I beg you, give me some topics to write about and I'll write about them, I need some Duggar inspiration. And I do apologize for the drought.


  1. She's ALIVE! Ha Ha! Well, you know I already knew about your crush on Edward. How many times have you watched your DVD? Hehe.

    The new Duggar season doesn't start back up until Feb. Been watching re-runs. I guess you've heard about Anna expecting another baby and Josh has another car lot. Joy-Anna is wearing a purity ring so I guess that means she got her period. Josie is getting plump. Oh, I guess you also heard about the photo JD took with a rifle...and an exchange student. CAN'T wait to hear all about that. Take care! :)

  2. well let's see...not only do i have all 3 dvds...which i watched non stop all the way up and back to seattle and my parents both times...but the flight from tel aviv to philly showed eclipse and i watched it for 12 hours straight ...they guy next to me (the stranger not just my husband) thought i was nuts)...it was blissful....oh and not only that, but i have all 3 on itunes as well so i can watch all 3 on infinite loop as i slumber with headphones ....i'm telling you it's a sickness...although i feel a little guilty because i had a daniel radcliffe sex dream last night and i haven't even read the harry potter books....

  3. i need to write about the gun picture...i do have something to say about that...not sure what to say about Joy-Anna's period...hahaha

  4. marybeth... please explain

    you cover your head and your body modestly due to religion, avoid TV, etc, etc.... but are willing to publicize your sex dream about an actor young enough to be your son to any and all?

  5. actually i don't avoid tv...we just don't have TV because we don't want to pay for it...i watch tv all the time on line...and as i stated above, we watch dvds that certainly have nothing to do with religion...i've never felt that Jews are a chaste people...but again i'm not going to speak for all Jews...since you get two of us together and you'll get three opinions...

    i've also never claimed to be overly modest...my head covering isn't a modest issue--for me...i wear it as a reminder of my faith--that there is someone greater above me, much like men wear kippot (yarmulkes)...i'm not Chassidic...Chassidic women do cover their hair out of modesty...i do dress modestly because it's comfortable for me...and point of fact...for the past month or so, i actually haven't been covering my hair except when we go to temple...i have no reason why...

    life is full of dichotomies...which is probably why i keep finding so many of them within the Duggar household and pointing them out...

  6. mythoughtis....i'd love to talk to you sometime...drop me a line :) zephyrweb@live.com

  7. MN

    I try not to email anyone that I haven't actually met yet, just a quirk of mine.

    As I mentioned in the dichotomy post, I find your tidbits about Jewish religion educational and interesting. I just have trouble wrapping my head about a religion that is all about rules, but yet doesn't seem to consider being chaste a requirement. But then, us Christians run the gamot too. Can anyone see the Duggars attending a K of C Bingo hall?