Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There Really Are No Rules...Just a Few Requests

All I ask is that you respect one another. Other Duggar blogs edit and omit submissions and I won't do that unless the language is profane or the submission is clearly being derogatory to another poster. If it has nothing to do with the topic, the Duggars, or the blog whatsoever, well that just goes without saying now doesn't it?

Of course I'd prefer that you not rip the Duggars apart, but that's your choice, you don't have to like them; but please don't tear each other apart, if you must argue, please be adult about it in your postings.

I will also say this as to applicability to the topic, if you comment is meant specifically for me, and not related to the topic at hand, either positive or negative, don't expect to see it posted, but thank you for the praise and/or criticism--I'm sorry I'm not able to respond back. You're welcome to address me privately at

Topic requests are welcome--if there's something Duggar related that we aren't talking about that you'd like to discuss, please let me know and we'll talk about it, provided it's in good taste and family friendly.

Leave your topic requests in the comment section....


  1. I'm not sure if you'd welcome me on this blog, so I'll ask!

    Are you open to someone who is intrigued by Duggar family, but is VERY much opposed to most of what they see?

    I'm not seeing positives in many areas of this family's life. Are you open to posting criticism and questions?

    I'm not approaching this site with hate, but with (what I consider to be) very logical skeptisism.

    I certainly respect the Duggars ability to handle their "reality" show with far more wisdom, faith and genuine beliefs than the Gosselin family EVER did.

    Mary Beth,
    I would apprecite your reply if you are open to some questions and comments that are not those of a fan site.
    If you don't reply, I'll respect your wishes and stay away from your blog.

  2. Everyone is welcome! We don't always agree with everything the Duggars do or believe---as you can see, I don't agree with most of their beliefs at all! All I ask is that you are respectful in your commenting--you can disagree, debate, argue, and do all the posting you like! I would also appreciate that if you post anything that are facts, please site your source, otherwise post it as an opinion.

    We welcome everyone--it wouldn't be any fun if everyone agreed :) Please feel free to post on any of the topics you want to and take any stand that you like. But again, please be respectful to the other commenters--if you want to be mean to the Duggars, that's your choice, just be prepared for others to take up for them :)

    Truth be told, even those of us who like them have things about them we think are a bit odd, things they need to do differently, or things they're just flat out doing wrong. ;)


  3. Wow!

    What a delightful and gracious reply.

    Thank you. I look forward to reading more on your blog and posting my comments.

    I especially appreciate that you request we quote sources for our "facts" and otherwise state it as an opinion. I think many blogs are destroyed (IMO!) because facts and opinions are given equal credibility. They are both worthy of consideration. However, for anyone claiming to have facts, it's only reasonable that they should be required to substantiate their claims.

    Mary Beth, thank you again for the kind welcome.

  4. You'll find there are a few who are great at coming up with sources....and then there's me who admits to being lazy...I often state opinion and will say "i think it was an episode or their book" :)

    And please...I also welcome topic suggestions. If there's something we are talking about that you want to discuss, please let me know and we'll talk about it! The Duggar good, bad, and the ugly is all fair game!

    Glad to have you aboard! :)

  5. MB,

    A few questions...

    Have you started a thread asking how people have found your blog?

    I found it because someone posted a link on the TLC site. I'm over there, does anyone else post there? How can we stir up more interest in this blog?

    Do you really have to moderate comments? I have no clue as to how these things work, but when a site is not moderated before each post, it allows people to banter back and forth. Again, I haven't any idea as to the technical part of it, maybe it's necessary.

  6. I don't really have a "need to know" where people find me. I do a lot of networking on facebook, but now I'll do some on TLC as well just to get more readers. And I haven't noticed any problem with "bantering" people seem to be bantering just fine.

  7. I hope all newcomers will feel welcome here. MB and I are VERY differnt, but she is very open to other opinions. I don't like the format of a blog as opposed to a forum, so it's taking me some time to get used to it. But I really like it here, and hope others will as well!

  8. Aww thanks :) I came from being a regular at a blog where it was commenting on the episodes themselves and then a month "free for all" and an occassional topic....and the moderators were very picky about the comments--a lot were not allowed for many different reasons...I decided that my blog would be not about the episodes themselves but about the comments the episodes generated (by me usually) and I troll the message boards looking for topics....what people seem to be up in arms about the most ....question the most, things like that...I also decided that I wouldn't delete anyone's comments unless they were rude to other posters or just went completely off topic--i've only refused 2 comments so far and that was on the "Positive Duggar" post because the comments were off topic...

    So hopefully people will find this a welcome place...

    And please please please feel free to suggest topics or even write your own post ....always welcome guest postings!

  9. Nice blog. So far, from what I've read, it seems to not be a bash fest which is refreshing :) I think thats what bothers me more than anything the Duggars do or don't do - the way people seem to make judgments and decisions on others' lives based on their own perceptions of what is okay and not okay. I mean, really, does it hurt you if they have 50 kids? I know people cry "Oh they are trashing the environment blahblahblah, but personally I am more concerned in that sense about the 3.5 family living in the monster house bursting with all the shiny new toys and trinkets.

  10. So far we haven't had many bashers come along. A few have shown up, made their points and left, but for the most part we are a nice bunch. We don't always agree, but we do follow up our facts with proof (i.e. links to websites, videos, etc) otherwise we state what we're saying is opinion. I'm the first to admit that I'm lazy about research--I won't go looking for stuff, I go from memory of stuff I've seen on the show or read in their book, otherwise someone will correct me :)

    I do agree with what you say--the carbon footprint argument drives me batty! What right do those people have to say that THEY have rights to the planet over others? It's like "i'm sorry but i you're taking up too much space so my kids can't be alive, therefore stop breeding" ....are you kidding me??? It's a very elitist opinion and I'm sick of hearing it. And I agree, it's usually being made by a person who has a house full of useless expensive crap...that they probably bought on credit!

  11. I don't have any problem with so many Duggar children. They are loved and wanted and cared for. I had 21 students in my first grade class this past year...and I can't say that they were all loved, wanted and cared for!! I only wish, if they wanted an unlimited number of children, then they would have adopted some who need homes as well.

  12. I think your blog is going to fade into oblivion if you don't stop idolizing this family. You claim to be open-minded and swear you don't worship the Duggars, but your words show otherwise. Perhaps if you were to express some of the opinions you claim to have that are critical of the family, you would be a more interesting site. Just an opinion.
    Oh, and the silly 2012 dates didn't put you in the top search, they need to be accurate again.

  13. thank you for your opinion...FYI the 2012 dates have nothing to do with searching...they keep those posts at the top of the page...that's why they have those dates

    and no, i don't worship this family...i merely respect them...i also have a grave distaste for misinformation and will point it out when i see it in the one is forcing you to post here...if you don't like it, you don't have to participate...

    and yes my blog will fade into oblivion as soon as my family moves out of the US and i am no longer able to watch the show :)

  14. "and yes my blog will fade into oblivion as soon as my family moves out of the US and i am no longer able to watch the show."

    Well, I hate to tell ya...but the Duggars have gone WORLDWIDE! People as far away as Africa and India watch the them! Plus ya know I will keep ya informed NO matter where ya move.

    So looks like you have no choice but to keep this blog running! Hehe ;)

  15. well i hope i'll still get to watch it...but we don't have tv service here, and so i don't imagine us having it if we move, although it would help in learning the language (i wonder if that excuse will work?) ....and i understand that the videos on the tlc site aren't viewable outside the US....but one can always hope!!!

  16. Hey Marybeth! I just happened to come across your blog today, and I'm sooo excited to sit down and READ! I too LOVE the Duggars, and respect them deeply, even though I don't agree with many things they believe. I'm totally fascinated by them and never miss a show. I've even been referred to as my family's version of Cousin Amy LOL! Anyways, nice to meet you, and thank you for this wonderful blog!

  17. I to am fascinated with this family although our lives are very different. I am a married have 2 children (by choice), I am a lawyer and have a career. I regard my husband as my equal and definitely not the head of the household. I am a christian and admire some of the Duggars values. I am in awe of Michelle who is the most cheerful, patient and calm person I have ever seen. Everyone of the Duggar children is lovely (although sometimes Josh does annoy me he is a bit pompous for one so young). They are a loving family who work hard are responsible, kind, polite and fun. There are parts of their beliefs I really struggle with though. In particular the role of girls as homemakers and carers and the subordinate role they are expected to take to men. The older ones are left to mind the younger ones and Mom and Dad often mention what a struggle it was with 5 or 6 young ones. The only reason it is not a struggle now is the older girls do so much work. I really do think that is wrong, they are not helping out a bit (as all children should) they are entirely responsible for the education, care and discipline of their siblings. They are young and should be enjoying freedom before facing a lifetime of domestic responsibility and housework. In fact each of the girls will go straight from home to being wives, homemakers and carers without a break. I wonder if one of them had the nerve to go off to college or get a job away from home what the reaction would be. I would love to see that. The other little fact I find odd is no dancing. How can they just rule out the art of dance? Despite all that I will continue to watch as I am addicted and perversely I am looking forward to an engagement announcement and another Dugger wedding!