Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fulfilling Your Dreams: Small and Large

I'm away from home right now so I'm away from the Duggars right now. That means I'm away from Duggar-direct topics right now, so I'm going to kind of wing it and see what you think. Right now I'm thinking of dream and wish fulfilment. I say that because at the moment a few of my smaller and larger dreams are being fulfilled. And interestingly, at the same time, a friend of mine I met through my Duggar-blogging experience, has managed to fulfill one of hers--meeting some of the Duggar family. So I suppose I've managed to Duggarize this after all.

Think back to when you were a little and you had a wish. It may have seemed out of this world, something that could likely never be realized--like walking the Great Wall of China (back when I was a child that really was a big deal because China was all but closed to tourism.) Maybe it felt unreachable because of where you lived--you grew up in a small town and your dream or goal was so far away, or maybe it was unreachable because only a few people in the world ever achieved it--becoming President or going to space or climbing Everest, or maybe it was just such an obscure thing that you never really thought it would happen because it was so--unnecessary in the grand scheme of things like paying bills, raising children, and making dinner. Well imagine now that one of those long forgotten, but not tossed away wishes actually was realized. It's quite a heady feeling.

I've been thinking about my own little silly wish that came true (I'm sorry I can't share with you what that wish is right now, I will soon, I promise) and some of the things the Duggar parents do for their children and trying to project that into my own child's future. I have seen that the Duggars do tend to the small dreams their children have, especially at birthdays. After all, look around--you see a lot of middle aged men trying to relive the things they think they missed out on as children--I don't see the Duggar kids having that problem in 30 years. Are they fulfilling the larger dreams? I'm not so sure--we don't have any lawyers, doctors, pilots, nurses, chefs, or beauticians. However we do have some missionaries and that was listed as future occupation under more than one Duggar child's profile.

So what's the point of this rambling entry? I'm not sure exactly, as I'm still overly sleep-deprived, but I suppose it's this. Never give up on those little wishes you have. They are attainable. And more importantly, share them with the ones you love, because they are the ones who will most likely help you achieve them. In my case and in my friend's case--the one who just met the Duggars, that's exactly how we achieved ours.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I'm happy for you that your wish has come true - and look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. Aww, now that it finally works for me to comment on your blog, you've disappeared! Come back...

  3. Just to add...the dream I had that finally came true...was floating in the Dead Sea :)