Monday, September 13, 2010

Say What?: Duggar Production Values

So apparently at the end of the last show, they have a clip for the coming show that has Michelle saying "Some one is expecting!" Now I haven't seen the show or the clip, so I'm going completely on what's been told to me by several people. However, of course now the whole Duggar-universe is convinced that either Michelle or Anna is pregnant. I have to say that I think the producers came up with a great way to get people talking and get them to come back for the answer.

I am going to go out on a limb and say I don't think either Michelle or Anna is pregnant. First of all, if it was Michelle, she wouldn't have used that wording. She would have phrased it more personally, using words that are closer to her. She is always so passionate about her pregnancies, she'd never hold the announcement at arm's length like that--"some one"--no, she'd say "I." Also, I have doubts that she'd "pre-announce" a pregnancy for Anna. I can't imagine her taking thunder away from Anna--she'd let Josh and Anna announce that on their own. And finally, the show we're watching is on a delay by a few months. If either of the main characters were pregnant, we'd know from other media sources, they couldn't keep that a secret for that long--someone would have leaked it either by accident or on purpose. They live in a small town.

Who is pregnant? I'd guess that it's some friend of the family we haven't met yet or haven't seen for awhile. They have a lot of friends who live the same bountiful life they do--after all Mrs. Bates is currently pregnant and almost due to deliver. How old is the Wilson's youngest--are they still having children? Michelle comes from a relatively large family with siblings old enough to be her parents, technically. I would imagine then that she has nieces and nephews that are likely married and having children--so it could be a family member who is expecting. We don't see much of Michelle's family so we tend to forget about them and immediately look to Deanna and Amy Duggar as their only extended family.

We also need to remember that they homeschool and are always looking for lessons out in the world--remember all those field trips? Has it occurred to anyone that it could be a the neighbour's dog that's always at their house? A cat? A farm animal?

Any other theories? What do you think?


  1. I also think it could be a friend or relative who is expecting. But why make an announcement about a friend or family the media is not familiar with? The Kellers, Wilsons, and Bates are all we've seen over the years. All others are just people we see in the background.

    Hey! We just had an "over-the-top" thought! Is Deanna older or younger than JB? Do you think she might be pregnant?? What about Amy? Have not seen her in a while. Then again she's out more. People would have seen a round tummy by now. Maybe it's their violin teacher.

    Well, you did remind us about the show being a few months behind. I'm not worried about missing the show because I'm sure ALL the bloggers will be buzzing. :)

  2. I think Deanna is older then Jim Bob. She's like 46 or 47, although it's not impossible to get pregnant naturally at that age.

  3. I think Deanna is older then Jim Bob. She's like 46 or 47, although it's not impossible to get pregnant naturally at that age.
    As long as you are still dropping a egg and there is sperm around you can get preggars without a doc helping...

    Any one remember Sarah and Abraham?

  4. Although Amy's probably not pregnant, it would be funny to watch the cousins' reactions if it were Amy. We'd get to see Josiah's interview-chair reaction, i.e. "Cousin Amy is different than us, but we love her anyway !" or "MOST people don't stay virgins until they marry, but MY FAMILY does"...etc etc etc.

  5. Hey Cyn. Know I don't remember Sarah and Abraham. Do you recall which episode they were in?

    There are some people on the Discovery forum who thinks it might be Amy as well. I thought I was the only one with that crazy thought. It would be interesting to see their reactions (verbal and facial). Hehe.

  6. ummmm Didn't mean to confuse you Sarah and Abraham are in the bible She laughed at God when He told her she was going to have a baby in her old age.... Remember at that time they lived like into the 500 range.... and she got preggars with Issac.

    It's in Genesis Chapter 15 to 21.

    Again I am sorry I confused you.

  7. Ha Ha! Thanks Cyn! I was driving on the interstate when I "suddenly" realized you were referring to the Bible. :D Sorry for my confusion. Boy I bet everyone is having a good laugh at me right now. Well, go ahead. I'm even laughing.

    I heard one of the TLC crew is having a baby. So I guess the mystery is solved. ;)

  8. i told everyone that a duggar wasn't expecting...the 19 kids facebook page is full of people who were convinced it was anna...none of them would least it wasn't the neighbour's dog...although i'd have had a real laugh about that...

  9. I've seen a few episodes where it seems like some of the children have a mischevious sense of humour. For me, this particular episode cleared up which parent they got that from, LOL!